Boulder DEEPWAVE Workshop, 23-24 October 2014

Boulder Deepwave Workshop

Date: October, 23, 24, 2014

Location: EOL Atrium Conference Room at NCAR Foothills Lab, Building 1

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Discuss and compare preliminary data and ideas
  2. Learn about the status of EOL, NIWA, DLR, PI and other data sets (processing, quality control and availability)
  3. Gain a broad perspective on the events and statistics of the 2014 Deepwave field period.
  4. Strengthen collaborations
  5. Plan next steps for meetings and publications

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Thursday October 23

8:30 AM Grubišić/Moore/Smith Welcome and logistics
8:40 Jim Doyle Gravity Wave Predictability, Dynamics and Sources during DEEPWAVE [PPS]  PDF Version
9:00 Alex Reinecke Ensemble Uncertainty in Gravity Wave Simulations
9:15 Qingfang Jiang Characterizing Trailing Waves
9:30 Chris Kruse Propagation of Gravity Waves in WRF [PPS]  PDF Version
9:50 Coffee Break (20 mins)
10:10 Ron Smith Deepwave GV flux measurements: methods and uncertainties
10:30 Andreas Doernbrack German-Austrian contributions to DEEPWAVE-NZ
11:00 Steve Eckermann DEEPWAVE Workshop: AIRS Gravity-Wave Observations, NAVGEM Reanalysis, and Plans
11:20 Jun Ma MW excited by Al on RF23: Comparison between observation and simulation
11:35 Dave Broutman Rays & Mountain Waves in a Wind Jet
11:50 Lunch Break
1:10 Biff Williams DEEPWAVE Rayleigh and Sodium Lidar Overview
1:25 Mike Taylor

Initial Summary of AMTM gravity wave observations from the GV aricraft and Lauder ground-based mountain wave observations

1:40 Dominique Pautet Example "nuggets" of DEEPWAVE mesospheric gravity wave imager data

Katrina Bossert

Wave Interactions Using Lidar and AMTM Measurements


Steve Smith

Mesospheric GW imaging during DEEPWAVE 2014 [PPS]

2:25 Tyler Mixa Investigating High Altitude Stationary Wave Events with Weak Forcing Conditions
2:45 Brian Laughman Initial FV modeling of deep GW propagation
3:05 Coffee break
3:25 Dave Fritts Mountain Wave Momentum Fluxes in the MLT during DEEPWAVE
3:40 Steve Miller Suomi NPP VIIRS Day/Night Band Nightglow Sensitivity
3:55 Billings/Osborne Stereo Photogrammetry during DEEPWAVE New Zealand
[Begin EOL presentations]
4:05 Al Cooper Characterizing Uncertainty in Measurements of Vertical Wind
An Evaluation Focused on DEEPWAVE
4:15 Lou Lussier/Pavel Romashkin RAF Data Status
4:25 Terry Hock or Kate Young QC Data Status of DEEPWAVE Dropsonde Data
4:35 Bill Brown Hokitika Integrated Sounding System: operations, data processing and QC
4:45 Open discussion on Deepwave status and objectives
5:30 Reception (EOL Atrium)


Friday October 24

[ Additional EOL presentations]
8:30 AM Julie Haggerty Microwave Temperature Profiler: Status of DEEPWAVE Data Processing Efforts
8:40 Greg Stossmeister The Deepwave Field Catalog
8:50 Steve Williams Deepwave Data Management
9:00 Alison Rockwell DEEPWAVE Public Engagement
9:10 Plans for Deepwave conference talks
9:20 Plans for next Deepwave Workshop
9:30 Dave Fritts Plans for BAMS article
9:40 Coffee Break
10:00 Open discussion of science objectives and collaborations
12:00 Workshop ends