EOL Data and Software

EOL recognizes that data is the final product of any research field campaign. While we operate a large number of observational research instruments and platforms and archive their data, when funded to do so, EOL provides curation and long-term stewardship for field campaign datasets from research instrumentation operated by universities and government or private entities as well in the Field Data Archive.

Data & Software

EOL Field Data Archive

The EOL Field Data Archive contains publicly available data from atmospheric research campaigns conducted by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other agencies since about 1967. Data from research instrumentation operated by NCAR and other organizations and investigators are collected. 

About Data Services

EOL offers comprehensive data management, archival, and stewardship services to the observational research community. NSF-funded research teams rely on EOL to facilitate the implementation of tailored and comprehensive data management plans for field campaigns.

Software Center

Software is the engine that allows users to query, manipulate, process, and plot data. EOL provides open-source community software for many such applications.