Real-Time Data Access

A number of real time products will be available on the ground during research flight. These include the flight track and instrument data for Google Earth; a browser version of the instrument data; and data visualization using Aeros.
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Comprehensive Field Catalog

The EOL Field Catalog is a suite of tools that provide support for the documentation of observational field project operations, mission planning, cross-project collaboration, real-time situational awareness, communication with and direction of remote instrument platforms and post operations product review and playback.
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Integrated Displays

This is a tool for situational awareness. It provides real-time aircraft track plot overlayed on a map. Other layers can be added, such as NEXRAD, IR, and visible satellite data.
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Data Management Tools and Communications Infrastructure

The EOL Metadata Database and Cyberinfrastructure (EMDAC) is a comprehensive metadata database and integrated cyberinfrastructure that will be the hub of all EOL data services.
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Data Archives and Data Access for All EOL Platforms

Data archives for all EOL Observing Facilities and supported field projects.
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State-of-the-Art Software Systems

EOL Develops and maintains a wide variety of software systems.
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