DEEPWAVE Operations Plan


Outline  Operations Plan Chapter and Appendix Outline

Chapter 1  Project Goals, Background, and Participation

Chapter 2  Overview of Project Observing Systems

Chapter 3  Conduct of Operations including Daily Planning Decision Making and Logisitcs

Chapter 3 DEEPWAVE Staffing Tables -- Updated 14 June

Chapter 4  Forecasting Support

Chapter 5  Aicraft Flight Track Descriptions

Chapter 6  Data Management in the Field and Archives

Chapter 7  Education and Outreach

Chapter 8  Contact Information (updated as needed)

Chapter 9  Appendices including Instrumentation Details

  1. Appendix A:  Flight level instruments (GV)
  2. Appendix B:  AVAPS dropsonde system (GV)
  3. Appendix C:  Airborne Remote sensing (GV)
  4. Appendix D:  Flight level instruments (Falcon)
  5. Appendix E:  Airborne remote sensing (Falcon)
  6. Appendix F:  ISS instruments and operations
  7. Appendix G: Instruments at Lauder
  8. Appendix H: Soundings from Haast
  9. Appendix I:   Australian Radiosondes
  10. Appendix J:  Other Surface based remote sensing
  11. Appendix K:  Satellite data