Earth Observing Laboratory News & Upcoming Events

EOL in the NEWS

For the latest news about EOL staff, field projects, platforms and instruments, and news releases please visit EOL in the News. We proudly share our accomplishments and achievements that have been noted by both internal and external sources.  
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EOL Seminar Series

Frequently, EOL hosts a variety of seminars that inform participants about topics related to the extraordinary climate and weather research that is supported by the laboratory. Please visit the EOL Seminar Series page to learn more about our upcoming seminar series.
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Professional Conferences

Science conferences are imperative events for both the staff and laboratory. Conferences provide opportunities for staff to connect and collaborate with others in the observational community, to network with organizations, and others in academia, as well as for the laboratory to demonstrate our role in science and society. Stay abreast of our presence at the AGU Fall Meeting and the AMS Annual Meeting.
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EOL occasionally hosts and attend workshops to advance knowledge and build community within the atmospheric sciences. 
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