Design and Fabrication Services


Scientific programs from all over the world rely on the capabilities of EOL's Design and Fabrication Services to create innovative engineering solutions and highest quality machining and repair services of new and existing highly-specialized instrumentation used on every imaginable platform.

We provide an unmatched set of skills and capabilities uniquely tailored to meet the development needs and requirements of the atmospheric research community. Through closely interacting with scientists and other engineers across our community, our staff utilizes the latest in solid modeling and computer aided design software to achieve innovative solutions to complex and challenging instrumentation requirements.

Product examples include:

  • Aircraft instrumentation
  • Balloon-borne instruments
  • Heavy parts for radar pedestals
  • Inlets
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Light-weight precise optical mountings for aircraft or satellite instruments
  • Ocean-going systems
  • Pods
  • Probes
  • Radars
  • Satellites
  • Tapered aircraft inlets

LAOF: Design & Fabrication Services (DFS)


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