Deployable Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities

Geosciences research often requires specialized facilities, instrumentation and field support services to carry out scientific field work that is needed to understand the complex, interdependent geophysical processes, often covering remote areas of the globe.

The National Science Foundation, through its Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS) Section, provides funding for the acquisition, operation, maintenance and upgrading of several large research platforms and instrumentation to support observational meteorology.

EOL, together with the University of Wyoming (UW) and the Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR), maintains and operates this suite of instruments on behalf of NSF. Referred to as the NSF Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities (LAOF), these platforms include:

Research Aircraft

The NSF/NCAR HIAPER and the NSF/NCAR C-130 are housed and managed at the Research Aviation Facility (RAF) located at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. EOL is also involved in the request process for the University of Wyoming King Air. 
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Ground-based & Airborne Remote Sensing Instrumentation

EOL and the Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities (LAOF) partner organizations provide many ground-based and airborne remote sensing platforms.
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Surface, Sounding, and Profiling Systems

Surface, sounding, and profiling systems are managed by the In-situ Sensing Facility (ISF). ISF serves advanced observational needs of the atmospheric science community by providing a flexible, state-of-the-art backbone measurement capability applicable to a wide range of experimental needs - emphasizing advanced sensor capabilities, sensor integration, system mobility, and the ability to deploy to remote or difficult locations.
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Aircraft Instrumentation

Airborne instrumentation presents a broad range of the resources available for request as part of airborne research projects.
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Support Services

These observing facilities, as well as associated services are available on a competitive basis to all qualified researchers from universities, NCAR, and other government agencies. Requestable support services include:

» Field project planning and implementation services
» Design and fabrication services
» Data Management and Services (DMS)