Project Management

The EOL Project Management Office (PMO) mission is to advance the Laboratory’s strategic activities by identifying, prioritizing, and successfully executing a research and development portfolio of initiatives and projects that align with the NCAR strategic goals and support the geoscience community. Our team fosters an environment of excellence, excitement, and collaboration that enables and supports EOL in leading-edge project management methodologies including process improvements, data-driven decisions, and strategically planning for our future.

Field Program Support

Our experienced team of project managers has years of experience supporting field campaigns and providing scientific teams with in-depth project management for primarily complex, multi-agency, domestic as well as international campaigns in the field of observational atmospheric sciences and related disciplines.

At a user's request, EOL's Project Management Office (PMO) can provide organization, management structure, and overall coordination for campaigns led by individuals and/or teams of scientists. In collaboration with the project's key investigators, program officers, and facility providers, PMO can coordinate and streamline all necessary support activities to meet program, science, and project requirements with the most efficient use of resources.

Scalable and custom service

EOL aids the community in all aspects of project planning and implementation. Our services specifically focus on the needs of the scientific participants recognizing overall program requirements and resource realities. EOL offers scalable services ranging from high-level negotiation with foreign governments and handling complex logistics for fielding scientific and technical personnel and equipment to day-to-day operations support in the field. We routinely serve as the first point of contact for researchers who wish to use NSF Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities (LAOF) and then guide each unique science team through the entire project life cycle and successful completion of a mission.

The help we offer goes beyond the direct facility support that EOL delivers to users of NSF's LAOF, which focus on facility-specific operations and logistics. If you are considering an airborne or ground-based campaign nationally or internationally, please contact us for assistance and to answer any questions.

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