NCAR ISFS setup in Colorado.

Field Programs

EOL deploys its observing systems in field projects supported by the NSF or otherwise conducted by the atmospheric science community. To accomplish this, we employ and train the required staff, assist potential users during project planning and preparation, support the observing programs by operating facilities and instruments, and preserve and control the quality of the collected data for decades.

"To support, enhance, and extend the capabilities of the university community and the broader scientific community, nationally and internationally."

— NCAR Strategic Plan 2020–2024

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NCAR S-Pol radar deployed to Taiwan for the PRECIP campaign.

Deployment Objectives

  • Offer a set of deployment-ready facilities and instruments that are available on request to support NSF research programs.
  • Maintain a technical and administrative staff sufficient to meet the normal deployment level expected by the NSF and to assist users who may need to install their equipment on deployed facilities.
  • Deploy and operate in diverse locations spanning the Earth as required by research, and support logistical and technical aspects of large and complex field projects.
  • Assist and advise investigators as they develop their plans and proposals and, once approved, as they conduct their supported research projects.
  • Organize expert evaluation of the experimental designs of proposed field projects and perform administrative functions associated with field deployments, including documentation of results from EOL support and UCAR compliance with administrative, legal, and government regulations.
  • Cooperate with other agencies and facilities to provide collaborative support to the broad atmospheric-research community.