T-PARC Operations Plan


T-PARC Operations Plan


Chapter 1. T-PARC Overview

  • Science objectives                                                     
  • Domain of interest                                                                     
  • Climatology of events                                              
  • Definition of Intensive Observing Period (IOP)                                                       
  • T-PARC resources (facilities, deployment calendar)                                                                    


Chapter 2. Scientific Mission Planning Organization and Intensive Observing Period Definition 

  • Science Steering Committee (SSC)
  • Science Group                                                                 
  • Science Director
  • Mission Planning Team
  • Definition of Intensive Observing Period (IOP)


 Chapter 3. Mission Implementation and Operations Support  

  • Operations Center Staff and Functions
  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Aircraft Support Center Staff and Functions
  • Guam Aircraft Support Center
  • Atsugi Aircraft Support Center


 Chapter 4. IOP Preparation and Support Process 

  • Daily Science Meeting (DSM)
  • Daily Planning Meeting (DPM) 
  • Daily schedule and IOP Preparations
  • Mission Update
  • Pre-flight Planning Process
  • Coordinated USAF/NRL Flights
  • DLR Falcon Pre-flight schedule
  • Taiwan DOTSTAR Aircraft Flight Preparations
  • Aircraft Mission De-briefing
  • Forecast preparation


Chapter 5. Operations and Support Center Logistics

  • T-PARC Monterey Operations Center
  • Aircraft Support Center Functions and Support Services
  • Guam (Andersen AFB) -NRL P-3 and USAF C-130
  • Japan (Atsugi NAF) -DLR Falcon 20
  • Alternate Aircraft Support Sites
  • Aircraft Support Centers and Alternate Sites Emergency and Evacuation Procedures


Chapter 6. Aircraft Operations (Leads: Harr/other scientists/Moore/Dirks)


Chapter 7. Sounding Operations


Chapter 8. Weather Forecasting and Nowcasting Support

  • Daily briefing activities(Dirks/Moore/Harr)
  • Forecast and nowcast teams, staffing (SSG)
  • Forecast products(NPS/NRL, etc)
  • Real-time products and nowcasting support requirements (Dirks/Harr/Moore)


Chapter 9. Project Communications

  • Capabilities of T-PARC Monterey Operations Center (MOC)
  • Internet Relay Chat Capabilities
  • Aircraft Communications
  • Multiple Coordination Center Communications
  • Driftsonde Communications
  • Provision of T-PARC Special Products


Chapter 10. Satellite Data and Products

  • Satellite Operations
  • Geostationary Satellite Data: MTSAT
  • Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Data
  • Passive Microwave Imager/Sounder Data
  • Tailored Web Page Product Suite
  • Overpass schedules for selected satellites
  • Browse products for field campaign
  • Satellite Data Archival at NCAR EOL


Chapter  11. Data and Information Management

  • Introduction
  • Data Policy
  • Data Management Working Group
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Data Displays
  • Data Archive and Access


Chapter 12. Modeling Support

  • Special Real-time products and timing

                        Targeting products

                                    NCEP/UMiami Kalman filter (sensitivity regions)

                                    NRL sensitive areas from NOGAPS

                                    JMA targeting products

                                    ECMWF (maybe combined with PREVIEW)

                        COAMPS (Guam, Taiwan and Japan)

  • PREVIEW program from ECMWF allows specification of region, and feature and it produces targeting and sensitive areas check Hewson pp from Hawaii
  • Other Special runs for the analysis effort