T-PARC Field Deployment Schedule
Update: July 15, 2008
Deployment schedule for T-PARC operations in Monterey CA

This schedule includes the following institutions: NCAR/EOL, NPS, PSU, UKMET,  Karlsruhe, MRI-JMA, U Utah, U Arizona, U Wisconsin, DLR, BoM, AU and U Miami. Click here for an Excel file.

Updated August 1, 2008.

EOL deployment schedule for T-PARC. Please click here for an Excel file. Includes only NCAR/EOL staffing for Monterey and Guam operations center.


EOL and T-PARC field deployment and research is, in part, founded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF-sponsored facilities deployed for T-PARC include:

  • The Naval Research Laboratory P-3 with the ELDORA Doppler radar and GPS dropsondes. The NRL P-3 will be based in Japan and Guam.


 The newly developed driftsonde will also be deployed for T-PARC from Hawaii





 The lead PI for the NSF portion of T-PARC is David Parsons from NCAR with Pat Harr  of the Naval Post Graduate School and Istvan Szunyogh, of the University of Maryland as co-PIs.

T-PARC is one of the activities of the North American THORPEX Regional Committee . Further information on the activities of the committee and T-PARC materials such as the NSF Science Overview Document for T-PARC can be found here.