T-PARC Dry Run

TPARC/TCS-08 Dry Run Objectives and Plans

10 August 2007

The T-PARC/TCS-08 dry run is scheduled to begin on 27 August 2007 and proceed through 21 September 2007.  The objectives of the dry run can be categorized as relating to the science priorities of T-PARC and TCS-08 and to the operations support of the field campaign.  The dry run will be conducted in the spirit of the actual operation such that it will be possible to assess data flow, timing, critical gaps, and logistics.   Real-time capture of model fields, model-derived products, in situ observations, and satellite data will be gathered to allow investigations of the dry run period prior to the actual T-PARC/TCS-08 field campaigns.

The science objectives of the dry run are:

  • To examine strategies for assigning priorities to the various T-PARC and TCS-08 science objectives. 
  • To define and produce products that are required to support the decision and operations processes.

    The design, content, and presentation of the daily planning briefing are major objectives of the dry run.

The operations objectives of the dry run are:

  • To examine various strategies for the timing of daily science discussion, operations briefings, and operations updates. 
  • To examine the logistics associated with coordination of NRL, USAF, and DLR Falcon flight operations with the possible inclusion of DOTSTAR and Driftsonde operations.  
  • To clarify issues that must be addressed during the site-survey trip to locations across the T-PARC/TCS-08 operations areas. 
  • To create a T-PARC/TCS-08 operations plan that will be used to guide the program in 2008


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