DEEPWAVE Planning Meeting, March 26-28, 2014

DEEPWAVE Planning Meeting

26-28 March 2014

NCAR/EOL Atrium, Boulder, Colorado


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1300 Welcome (Vanda Grubiŝić, EOL Director)
1305 Introductions and Presentation of Agenda (J. Moore, R.B.Smith)
1310 DEEPWAVE Shipping Overview and Questions (K. Slaven)
1320 DEEPWAVE Science Overview and Approach (D. Fritts)
1350 USA Science presentations:

1420 Contributions to DEEPWAVE-NZ from the DLR (A. Dörnbrack)
1430 NIWA and UK Met Office Science Overview (Michael Uddstrom)
1440 Coffee break
DEEPWAVE Facilities and Support
1500 NSF/NCAR GV HIAPER (P. Romashkin)
1520 Hokitika ISS: Integrated Sounding System (W. Brown)
1535 NCAR/NSF G-V Automated Dropsonde System (T. Hock)
1550 DLR's Falcon 20-E5, D-CMET - a part of the DEEPWAVE project (A. Hausold)
1610 NIWA Facilities Report (Uddstrom)
1630 Christchurch USAP Facilities Report (Kerry Chuck, Jim Moore)
1715 General discussion
1730 Adjourn


Thursday, March 27, 2014

DEEPWAVE Facilities and Support (continued)
0830 Review of ground based Mesosphere instruments:

0840 Deep Stratospheric Gravity Waves Imaged from Satellites in Support of DEEPWAVE Science (S. Eckermann)
0850 DEEPWAVE Field Catalog Support (G. Stossmeister)
0900 DEEPWAVE Data Management (datasets, data policy) (S. Williams)
0930 DEEPWAVE Education and Outreach (A. Rockwell, A Dörnbrack)
Operations Support Components
1000 DEEPWAVE Science Team Staffing (R. B. Smith)
1020 Open Discussion
1040 Break
1100 Weather Forecasting Support including common model products and staffing (Doyle, Dörnbrack, Uddstrom, Billings)
1120 Flight resource allocation (i.e. flight hours/soundings, etc. for each subproject) (R. Smith and all PIs)
1200 Lunch break
1330 Flight tracks (R. Smith, J. Doyle, A. Dörnbrack) [KML]
1400 Open Discussion
1430 Staff requirements:

1500 Break
Operations Plan
1530 DEEPWAVE Operations Plan (J. Moore)
1615 Discussion of Operations Plan Status and Breakout Group Assignments


Friday, March 28, 2014

0830 Status of Operations Plan and breakout group assignments
0930 Breakout groups for Operations Plan
1100 Report of Breakout groups
1130 Final discussion, Status Report and Action Items.