CONTRAST Science Team Meeting, 20-23 October 2014, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

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Agenda for the DEEPWAVE Planning Meeting Boulder, Colorado, March 26-28, 2014 Foothills Laboratory, Building 1, EOL Atrium

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome and Overviews, Chair: Bill Randel
8:30 Welcome/Introduction [Video] (B. Randel, L. Pan)
8:45 Program Manager Comments [Video] (S. Edgerton)
9:00 ATTREX Overview [Video] (E. Jensen)
9:10 CONTRAST Overview [Video] (L. Pan)
9:20 CAST Overview [Video] (N. Harris)
9:40 Preliminary findings from the LAPAN-SOWER collaborative observations at Biak, Indonesia in February 2014 [Video] (Yoichi Inai)
10:00 Break
Chair: Laura Pan
10:30 Jan-Mar Western Pacific meteorological overview (L. Pfister [PDF] [PPS] [Video], J. Bresch [PDF] [PPS] [Video])
11:50 Education and Public Outreach (A. Rockwell [Video], E. Jensen)
12:20 Lunch
13:30 Data archive/submission/access discussion (E. Jensen, E. Atlas, N. Harris, J. Aquino, S. Honomichi [Video])
Transport and Dynamics, Chair: Eric Jensen
14:00 TTL cooling and drying during the January 2013 Stratospheric Sudden Warming [Video] (K. Rosenlof)
14:20 The relationship between small and resolved-scale variability in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) [Video] (J. Bergman)
14:40 A fine vertical wave structure and its relation with trace gas transport  [Video] (J.-E. Kim)
15:00 Analysis of TTL wave properties and relationships to cirrus [Video] (M. J. Alexander)
15:20 Break
15:50 Identification of the tropical tropopause using O3-H2O tracer correlation from the ATTREX experiments [Video] (L. Pan)
16:10 TTL Transport Rates Across the Equatorial Pacific during Boreal Winter [Video] (J. Pittman)
16:30 NAME modelling activities for the CAST-CONTRAST-ATTREX VSLS measurements [Video] (M. Filus)
16:50 Analysis of trace gas measurements made near the outflow of active and aged convection during CONTRAST [Video] (J. Luo)
17:10 Discussion
17:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UTLS Humidity and Clouds, Chair: Lenny Pfister
08:30 Horizontal variabiality of water and its relationship to cloud fraction near the tropical tropopause [Video] (H. Selkirk)
08:50 Using ATTREX Data to Improve Ice Microphysics in CAM5 [Video] (C. Bardeen)
09:10 CAM5/CARMA Comparisons to Global Hawk Observations: A Look at In Situ vs. Detrained Ice Model Parameterizations [Video] (C. Maloney)
09:30 Cloud microphysical properties in cirrus during the Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment (ATTREX) [Video] (S. Woods)
09:50 Ice crystal properties in high-altitude tropical anvil cirrus [Video] (E. Jensen)
10:10 How much ice is there in the Tropical Tropopause Layer? Observations from the ATTREX mission, from the Global Hawk and from Space [Video] (M. Avery)
10:30 Break
Chair: Eric Jensen
11:00 In situ observations of water vapor and cirrus IWC in the Pacific TTL during ATTREX [Video] (T. D. Thornberry)
11:20 How efficiently to TTL cirrus dehydrate air? [Video] (A. Rollins)
11:50 Cloud Formation and Stratospheric Dehydration During ATTREX [Video] (M. Schoeberl)
12:10 Lunch break
13:30 Impacts of microphysics, convection and waves on wintertime distributions of TTL water and clouds [Video] (R. Ueyama)
13:50 Effects of Non-Spherical Ice Crystal Shape on Modeled Properties of Thin Tropical Tropopause Layer Cirrus [Video] (R. Russotto)
14:10 Discussion
Ozone Structure and Controlling Processes, Chair: Neil Harris
14:30 Structures of tropical tropospheric ozone profiles observed in CONTRAST and analyses of the controlling mechanisms [Video] (L. Pan)
14:50 Ozone in the Tropical Tropopause Layer [Video] (G. Vaughan)
15:10 Low ozone in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) over the western tropical Pacific [Video] (E. J. Hintsa)
15:30 Break
16:00 Stratospheric and anthropogenic contributions to enhanced O3 in the tropical western Pacific [Video] (D. Anderson)
16:30 Behavior of dry layers in GFS analyses [Video] (B. Randel)
16:50 Review of dry intrusions during CONTRAST [PPS] (J. Bresch)
17:10 CAST 2014 NOx and O3 data from BAe 146 [Video] (J. Lee)
17:30 Measurements of NO and O3 from the BAe 146 aircraft during the CAST project (J. Lee)
17:50 Discussion

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Composition and Chemistry (VSLS/VOC), Chair: Ross Salawitch
08:30 Organic Halogen and Related Trace Gases in the Tropical Atmosphere: Results from Recent Airborne Campaigns Over the Pacific [Video] (E. Atlas)
8:50 CAST: VOC observations from WAS using GC-FID and GC-MS [Video] (S. Andrews)
9:10 CAM-chem model evaluation of the emissions and distribution of VSLS in the lower and free troposphere over the eastern and western Pacific using observations from TORERO and CONTRAST [Video] (B. Hornbrook)
9:30 Geographical Distribution of Brominated Organic Trace Gases in the UT/LS region of the Pacific [Video] (M. Navaro)
9:50 Quantifying VSLS Emissions using the TOMCAT 3-D CTM [Video] (H. Mantle)
10:10 Break
10:40 Spatial distributions and inter-hemispheric gradients observed for NMHCs, OVOCs and HVOCs observed during CONTRAST and compared to models and previous research missions [Video] (E. Apel and N. Blake)
11:00 Ground based GC, Picarro and O3 measurements on Manus Island [Video] (N. Harris)
11:20 Characterization of transport and dynamical boundaries during CONTRAST using chemical tracers [Video] (S. Schauffler)
11:40 Discussion
12:00 Lunch
13:20 Poster Session
Composition and Chemistry (BRO/partitioning), Chair: Eliott Atlas
15:20 Simultaneous Airborne Measurements of BrO, HOBr, BrCl and Br2 in the Tropics: Inorganic Halogens and Subsequent O3 Depletion [Video] (M. Le Breton)
15:40 Observations of BrO and (HOBr+Br2) by GT-CIMS during CONTRAST 2014 [Video] (D. Chen)
16:00 BrO in the Tropical and Subtropical UTLS: Longitudinal Gradients over the Pacific Ocean [Video] (R. Volkamer)
16:20 Bromine Chemistry in the Tropical UTLS during the ATTREX Experiments [Video] (J. Stutz)
16:40 Stratospheric Injection of Bromine from Very Short Lived Sources [Video] (R. Salawitch)
17:00 Bromine radicals in the tropical troposphere: a GEOS-Chem perspective [Video] (J. Schmidt)
17:20 Discussion

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chair: Ross Salawitch
08:30 Iodine Oxide observations from CU AMAX-DOAS aboard the NSF NCAR GV [Video] (T. Koenig)
8:50 Modelling global atmospheric iodine (M. Evans)
9:10 Examining the Oxidative Capacity of the Troposphere in the Remote Tropical Western Pacific [Video] (J. Nicely)
9:30 Atmospheric Lifetimes and Stratospheric Removal Rates for Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Destroying Substances from CO2-tracer relationships [Video] (S. Wofsky)
9:50 Wrap-up discussion (action items, publications plans, future meetings) [Video]
10:10 Discussion
10:30 Break
11:00 Breakout Discussions
12:00 Lunch
Chair: Neil Harris
13:30 Breakout Discussions (continued)
14:30 Reports from breakout groups (plenary)
15:40 Adjourn


Observations of Formaldehyde in the remote tropical western Pacific during CONTRAST (Dan Anderson)
Measurements of NO, NO2, and O3 on the GV during CONTRAST (Andy Weinheimer)
Data quality and coverage of the CO, CO2, and CH4 observations during CONTRAST (Teresa Campos)
Assessment of DLH Instrument Performance During ATTREX1-3 (G. Diskin)
Tests on the CAST Ozonesondes (Richard Newton)
Airborne Measurements over the west tropical Pacific during the Co-ordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics (CAST) Campaign (Steve Andrews)
Distributions and Correlations of organic trace gases in the Western Pacific Atmosphere (Valeria Donets)
CAST-Co-ordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics (N. Harris and the CAST team)
Measurement of IO levels during the CAST campaign using broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (B. OuYang, M. McLeod, N. Harris, and R. Jones)
Age of air analysis in GEOS-CHEM (Robyn Butler)
TOGA and AWAS Instrument Descriptions (E. Apel)
CO2 Variation in the Tropical Upper Troposphere Associated with Surface CO2, Convective Activity, and Horizontal Advection (Yoichi Inai)
Cloud and aerosol influence on photolysis frequencies during CONTRAST (S. Hall)
CO2 Variation in the Tropical Upper Troposphere Associated with Surface CO2, Convective Activity, and Horizontal Advection (Yoichi Inai)