CONTRAST Data Policy


  1. All investigators participating in CONTRAST agree to promptly submit their preliminary quality controlled data to the CONTRAST Data Archive Center (CDAC) at the latest by 31 August 2014 (six months after the end of the field campaign) to facilitate inter-comparison of results, quality control checks and inter-calibrations, and integrated interpretation of the combined data set.
  2. Model output related to the CONTRAST or combined CONTRAST/ATTREX/CAST data sets will be similarly made available to the science teams as soon as is practical.
  3. It has been agreed that collaborating project data (ATTREX and CAST) will be submitted to their respective archives according to their respective data policies and will be made available to CONTRAST Principal Investigators (PIs) during ATTREX and CAST restricted periods. A reciprocal agreement similarly allows data access for CONTRAST investigators to the restricted CAST and ATTREX archives.
  4. During the initial data analysis period, defined as a one-year period following the agreed submission deadline to the CONTRAST archive, CONTRAST, ATTREX and CAST Investigators will have exclusive access to these data and model products. This initial analysis period is designed to provide an opportunity to quality control the combined data set as well as to provide the investigators ample time to prepare manuscripts for publication and presentation.
  5. All data shall be promptly provided to other CONTRAST investigators upon request if not available through the archive. All CONTRAST investigators will have equal access to all data. A list of CONTRAST investigators will be maintained by NCAR/Atmospheric Chemistry Division (ACD) and will include the Investigators directly participating in the field experiment as well as collaborating scientists (including ATTREX and CAST) who are members of the CONTRAST Science Team. No restricted data will be provided to non-CONTRAST Investigators without the permission of the PI who collected that data.
  6. During the initial analysis period, the Investigator(s) who collected the data or generated model output must be notified of the intent to use the data or model products in the early phase of the research project. It is agreed that PIs responsible for acquisition of data or generation of model output be invited to become collaborators and co-authors on any projects, publications and presentations that results from use of the data or model product they have provided.
  7. All data will be considered public domain one year after the agreed submission deadline to the CONTRAST archive (i.e., on 31 August 2015 and thereafter). A data set within the CONTRAST archive can be opened to the public domain earlier at the discretion of the data provider for this particular data set. ATTREX and CAST data will be opened to the public domain according to their respective data policies. Links to ATTREX and CAST data archives will be made and maintained through the CDAC.
Event       Deadline      
End of Field Campaign 28 February 2014
Preliminary Data Submission Deadline 31 August 2014
Final Data Submission Deadline 31 August 2015
Initial Data Analysis Period (CONTRAST Science Team members have exclusive access to the data during this period.) 31 August 2014 -

31 August 2015
Data becomes Public Domain 1 September 2015