DEEPWAVE Science Meeting, 9-10 December 2016

Meeting Location: NRL Monterey, Building 704 Conference Room

NOTE: Password Required to View Presentations

The presentations are password protected for DEEPWAVE Investigators only. For access, please contact the Principal Investigators listed in the DEEPWAVE Contacts Section below.


Friday, December 9, 2016

8:15 Arrive at NRL
8:30 Welcome
8:45 DEEPWAVE Data Archive and Discussion (Linda Cully)
9:00 Mesospheric Small-Scale GWs Characteristics + DEEPWAVE vs GW_LCYCLE 2  (Dominique Pautet)
9:45 Investigating Mesospheric Mountain Wave Activity and Properties Over Lauder, NZ (Mike Taylor)
11:15 Gravity Wave Breaking and Instability Dynamics - New Observations and Modeling Capabilities and relevance to DEEPWAVE (Dave Fritts)
12:00 Lunch
13:15 The peculiar behavior of mountain waves in the middle atmosphere (Bernd Kaifler)
14:00 Broad Spectrum Mountain Waves (Ron Smith)
14:45 Mountain Wave Attenuation in Positive and Negative Ambient Shear (Chris Cruse)
15:30 Break
15:45 Trailing Waves From New Zealand (Qingfang Jiang)
16:30 Discussion
17:00 Adjourn


Saturday, December 10, 2016

8:30 Arrive at NRL
8:45 Some DEEPWAVE Activities @ DLR (Andreas Dörnbrack)
09:30 Temperature and wind measurement in the middle atmosphere during GWL cycle (Gerd Baumgarten)
10:15 Progress Report on DEEPWAVE Science Projects at NRL DC (Steve Eckermann)
11:00 Update on Gravity Wave Predictability, Dynamics and Sources in DEEPWAVE (Jim Doyle)
11:15 Wrap Up Discussion
Afternoon: Self-Organize