HAIC-HIWC Science Team Meeting March 2015

HAIC-HIWC Science Team Meeting
9-11 March 2015, NASA GISS

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Time Item Discussion Lead(s)
  Chairs: Walter Strapp, Alfons Schwarzenboeck  
9:00 Introductions and Welcome Strapp
9:15 Purpose of meeting, Review of agenda Strapp
Status of data sets (brief description of work, current availability, projected completion date, questions)
9:30 SAFIRE data set Bourdon
9:40 PSD data set and interim PSD distribution Schwarzenboeck
10:00 Status of IKP data Strapp, Lilie
10:10 ROBUST data set status - reprocessing of high frequency data Strapp
10:30 Break  
10:45 Status of LWC probe data Strapp, Lilie
10:55 RASTA Cloud Radar Data Processing Status Delanoe, Protat
11:10 Update on Video Imaging Data Set Status Ratvasky
11:15 Pilot's radar data set Harrah
11:25 Rapid-scan MTSAT archive (AREA files) Potts, King
11:35 Lunch  
13:05 NASA Langley Satellite Product Archive, Darwin 2014
NASA Langley Satellite Support: Cayenne/PR 2015 Campaigns
13:15 BoM radar and other data set archive (incl. Lightning) Potts
13:25 Discussion about documentation of HAIC-HIWC archive sites (road map)  
Research Updates
13:55 Appendix D assessment update (IKP TWC statistics) Strapp
14:15 Satellite analysis of overnight intensity maximum in Darwin cases Strapp/King
14:30 Boeing update Mason, Grzych
14:35 PSD microphysics results Leroy
14:55 W-band radar research update Protat
15:25 Algorithm for Prediction of HIWC Areas (ALPHA): Performance Assessment using Darwin Cases Black, Haggerty
15:45 Break  
16:00 NASA LaRC satellite research update Minnis
16:20 HAIC satellite retrievals techniques and correlations with Darwin Grandin for Defers
16:40 NASA GISS science update: Size-resolved microphysics simulations to understand HIWC Fridlind, Ackerman
17:00 Update on Preliminary Observations of Windscreen and Turbulence Levels During Flight in High Ice Water Content Conditions Ratvasky
17:05 Time overrun and/or open for discussion  
15:45 End of Day's Meetings  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time Item Discussion Lead(s)
  Chairs: Walter Strapp, Alfons Schwarzenboeck  
8:30 Review of Agenda Strapp
Continuation of Research Updates
8:40 Pilot's radar studies update Harrah
9:00 Environment Canada research update Korolev
9:10 Update on University of Utah HIWC Research Varble, Zipser
9:30 U. Illinois research update McFarquhar
9:50 Present inventory of conference and journal articles, reports etc. Strapp, Schwarzenboeck, all
10:20 Break  
10:35 Next Science Team Meeting Protat, Strapp
10:50 Time overrun and open for discussions  
  Cayenne Flight Program, Chairs: Fabien Dezitter, Alice Grandin  
11:05 Introduction, and review of agenda Dezitter, Grandin
Review of Cayenne Project
11:20 Overview of project: Priorities, aircraft, flight hours Dezitter, Grandin
11:30 HAIC/HIWC Cayenne Field Campaign Rainfall Climatology Grandin
11:40 Schedules and Dates Dezitter, Grandin
11:55 Lunch  
12:25 Air Traffic Control and airspace Dezitter, Grandin
Aircraft Details: NRC Convair-580
13:40 Overview of aircraft, Cayenne schedule, no of hrs, etc Wolde
13:55 Science and Aviation Objectives Korolev, Wolde
14:10 Instrumentation Korolev, Wolde
14:30 Airport Facilities Wolde
14:40 Crew overview: Pilots, mechanics, other Wolde
14:50 Working schedule (crew rest, time-of-day for operations, days off) Wolde, Korolev
15:00 Data requirements and sharing within HAIC-HIWC Korolev, Wolde
15:15 Time overrun and/or open for discussion  
15:35 Break  
Aircraft Details: Honeywell 757
15:50 Overview of aircraft, Cayenne schedule, no of hrs, etc Lukas
16:05 Instrumentation Lukas
16:15 Airport Facilities Lukas
16:25 Crew overview: Pilots, mechanics, other Lukas
16:35 Work restrictions (crew rest, time-of-day, days off) Lukas
16:45 Data requirements and sharing within HAIC-HIWC Lukas
16:55 Time overrun and/or open for discussion  
15:45 End of Day's Meetings  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time Item Discussion Lead(s)
  Cayenne Flight Program (cntd), Chairs: Fabien Dezitter, Alice Grandin  
8:15 Review of Agenda Dezitter, Grandin
Aircraft Details: Falcon-20
8:30 Instrumentation configurations, changes since Darwin-14 Bourdon, Schwarzenboeck
8:50 Airport Facilities Bourdon
9:05 Crew overview: Pilots, mechanics, others Bourdon
9:20 Working schedule (crew rest, time-of-day for operations, days off) Bourdon
9:35 Time overrun and/or open for discussion  
Flight Operations Support
9:55 Real-time data sets for Cayenne: Satellite, radar, radiosonde, lightning Dezitter, Grandin, Minnis
10:10 Use of PLANET for Cayenne flight operations, including new colour table TBD
10:30 Break  
10:45 The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model for Cayenne Haggerty
11:00 Meeting rooms and proposal for workspace layout Bourdon
11:20 Plan for flight guidance from the ground Schwarzenboeck, Strapp
11:40 Lunch  
13:10 Proposal for briefings and de-briefings Dezitter, Grandin
13:40 Preliminary proposal for daily schedule Dezitter, Grandin
Flight Plans
14:00 Falcon-20, single aircraft Dezitter, Grandin, Schwarzenboeck
14:15 Falcon-20 + Convair-580 proposal Strapp, Schwarzenboeck, Korolev, Wolde
14:35 W-band interference plan Protat, Wolde
14:45 Falcon-20 (+Convair-580) + Honeywell 757 Dezitter, Grandin, Schwarzenboeck
11:40 Break  
Flight Operations Support Additional Item (re-scheduled for Australia telecom)
15:20 Forecasting and Nowcasting Plan, including training Dezitter, Grandin
Miscellaneous Logistics
15:40 Visa requirements (incl. work visas), medical requirements/recommendations (Yellow Fever, malaria, etc.) Bourdon
15:50 Accommodation options, rental cars Bourdon
16:05 Airport security Bourdon
16:15 Shipping and customs Bourdon
16:30 Communications plans (google groups, mobile phones) Bourdon, Ratvasky, Nguyen
Post-Project Data Processing and Archiving (including where archived and when available)
16:45 General discussion on expectations for data processing timeline Dezitter, Grandin
17:15 General discussion of where data will be archived, and how distributed, HAIC-HIWC Project & Data Management Web Site Dezitter, Grandin, Schwarzenboeck, Korolev, others
17:45 Field Catalog Support for HAIC-HIWC - Cayenne Riley, Haggerty
18:00 Time overrun and/or general discussion  
18:30 End of Day's Meetings