University of Washington Photo Gallery

This gallery features highlights from the University of Washington's IMPROVE-2 photo gallery. To see the complete gallery, please visit

Reverse flow temperature (inhouse) CV-580. (Click image for full resolution)
The NOAA P-3 aircraft.
S-Pol radar on Scott Mountain.
Moonrise over eastern Oregon. Taken from the PNNL PARSL site near Sisters, Oregon.
Disdrometer site.
Welcome to McKenzie Bridge Airstrip!
A snowy day at Hoodoo Ski Area, near Santiam Pass.
Last project flight for CV580.
Stan Rose wants to fly away. (Actually, he'll be happy if he can just launch a rawinsonde balloon without popping it.)
Nature's fury - Brad and Jim grit their teeth in 80+ mph gusts at the S-Pol site.
PNNL PARSL site in Sisters, Oregon. Kevin Widener and Jim Mather, both of PNNL.
The nose cone of the NOAA P-3 has accumulated a bit of ice!
Brad Fields shows off his trophy, the ice cap that had accumulated on the nose cone of the P-3 during an IMPROVE-2 research flight.
Rick and Nick watch a flick on the NOAA P-3.
Christmas spirit on-board the NOAA P-3.
Brad Smull enjoys the festive holiday atmosphere onboard the NOAA P-3.
Brad Smull (JISAO), Mark Stoelinga and Socorro Medina (UW), Jim Wilson, Joe Van Andel, and Cathy Kessinger (NCAR) at the S-Pol radar trailer.
Always the calm leader, "Uncle Bob" Rilling was a fixture in the NCAR S-Pol radar trailer.
Stacy Brodzik (UW) and J. Vivekanadan (NCAR) busy making the radar run and the data flow at the NCAR radar trailer on Scott Mountain.
View of layered clouds from P-3.
Icing on the P-3 windshield.
A retro antenna malfunction.
Sandra Yuter took this nice photograph of fresh snowfall at the McKenzie Bridge Airstrip site, with a beautiful backdrop of altocumulus i-don't-know-us.
Nice barn and snow level height from mountain view.