DEEPWAVE Campaign Debriefing

DEEPWAVE EOL/PI/NSF Campaign Debriefing

Date: 10 November 2014, 1300 MST, 1500 EST

Location: EOL staff in FL-1 EOL Atrium or RAF

Monday, November 7, 2014

1300 Brief Introduction and Participants (Jim Moore)
  Opening Comments by NSF Program Managers
1305 Overview of Project by Science Team and Questions
  Dave Fritts, Biff Williams, Katrina Bossert and others from GATS
  Mike Taylor, Dominique Pautet and others from Utah State
  Steve Eckermann, Jim Doyle and others from NRL
  Ron Smith, Chris Kruse, Alison Nugent and others from Yale
  Steve Smith from Boston Univ.
  Andreas Doernbrack and others from DLR
1325 Review of EOL Project Support Components
  RAF NSF/NCAR GV (Pavel/Lou)
  RAF Data Quality (Jorgen)
  CDS In-Field Support (Greg/Ted)
  CDS Data Management (Steve)
  ISF ISS Deployment Hokitika (Bill)
  ISF dropsondes (Terry/Kate)
  Education/Outreach (Alison)
  PMO Summary (Jim/Vidal)
(Keep summary comments to ~5 min to allow time for questions/clarification. Please focus on highlights, challenges and lessons learned.)
1415 EOL-NSF Discussions (restricted)
This is the opportunity to discuss any items brought up in the previous section that might require additional explanation or cover other questions from NSF for EOL staff.)
1455 Concluding Remarks (NSF Managers)