• Dates: Dec 7-13 (test cruise), Jan 11-Feb 22 main cruise

• Location: Hobarth, Tasmania (Austraila)


• Wind profiler – moments and wind speed and direction

• Ceilometer –

• Sounding System – Vaisala MW41 radiosonde profiles

• Wind Lidar  - wind speed and direction

• WXT – surface measurements of pressure, temperature, RH, wind speed and directions

• Webcam - images



An EOL Integrated Sounding System (ISS) was recently deployed on the RV Investigator, an Australian research vessel operated by CSIRO / MNF for the SOCRATES campaign.   The Investigator sailed deep into the Southern Ocean from  Jan 11 to Feb 22, 2018 as part of an Australian campaign known as CAPRICORN (Clouds, Aerosols, Precipitation and atmospherIc Composition Over the southeRN ocean) led by PIs from the Bureau of Meteorology.   In preparation for SOCRATES the ISS took part in a shakedown and training voyage in early December off the coast of Tasmania, and preliminary plots from that voyage are also included in the summary plots page.

The ISS instrumentation included:

Radar Wind Profiler LAP3000 915 MHz profiler Main deck
Wind Lidar ZephIR 300 Aft 02 deck
Ceilometer Vaisala CL31 Aft 02 deck
Soundings Vaisala MW41 launching RS41 radiosondes Main deck
Basic Met WXT520 and web camera Aft 02 deck


A wide range of additional instrumentation was also installed on the Investigator and operated by other groups.