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Integrated Sounding System (ISS) Overview

The NCAR Integrated Sounding System (ISS) is a dynamic meteorological observing system that combines surface, sounding, and remote sensing instrumentation to provide a comprehensive description of lower atmospheric thermodynamics and winds. The core instruments are a balloon-borne rawinsonde sounding system, a radar wind profiler for high-resolution measurements of wind components from the surface to the mid-troposphere (915, 449 and 1290 MHz), a radio acoustic sounding system for virtual temperature profiles, a scanning Doppler wind lidar, ceilometers, and a meteorological station that collect surface wind, pressure, thermodynamics, radiation and precipitation data. Other instruments may be added if additional measurements are needed. The ISS can be deployed at a fixed, land-based site, onboard a research vessel, or as part of a rapidly deployable trailer-based system. 

Configuration: Ground-based; fixed, mobile and shipborne
Number of available systems: 3

Please see the Request Lower Atmosphere web page for information on requesting this equipment.

NCAR Integrated Sounding System (ISS) Contact

Dr. William “Bill” Brown / / (303) 497-8774)