Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study

06/01/2013 - 07/15/2013
Project Location
Brent, Alabama

SAS LogoSoutheast Atmosphere Study (SAS) is the "umbrella" for the NOMADSS, SOAS, NAAMEX, TROPHONO, and SENEX projects. Please visit the EOL SAS project page for more information.

The SOAS objectives include the direct quantification of VOC, ozone and NOx surface fluxes and reconcile differences with "blank-down" emission estimates; better understanding of HOx/NOx/ozone/organics/aerosol distributions, sources and sinks.

SOAS plans to address the following science questions:

  1. What are the magnitudes, variations, and controlling processes for biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of oxidants and reactive carbon and nitrogen across spatial scales relevant to air quality and climate?
  2. What are the chemical and physical processes that control the oxidation of BVOC? How do anthropogenic emissions alter the distribution of the BVOC oxidation products, and what are the implications for the formation of ozone, reactive nitrogen, and aerosol precursors?
  3. To what extent do anthropogenic influences impact biogenic SOA formation?
  4. How does aqueous chemistry and cloud processing of BVOCs and related aerosols influence atmospheric SOA?
  5. What are the climate-relevant properties of biogenic aerosol (VOC of biogenic origin)?

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