Instructions for Travel from Christchurch - Hokitika, ISS Sounding Operations

This information provides 3 options for travel from Christchurch to Hokitika for ISS sounding operations. The first 2 will bring the traveler directly to Hokitika City and the 3rd will drop the passenger at Greymouth which is north of Hokitika by several miles. In all cases travelers should be in contact with the EOL ISS Operator in advance to arrange for pick up at the various station options.

  1. Atomic Shuttles from Christchurch to Greymouth, then connects to an InterCity bus from Greymouth to Hokitika,  NZ$58 (one-way).
    This is the cheapest option, although it’s an early start from Christchurch and there’s a long layover in Greymouth.
    Departs Christchurch (Museum) 7:15am, arr: Greymouth 11:25, arr: Hokitika: 2:10pm.
  2. Train (Tranzalpine) Christchurch to Greymouth, then connect to an InterCity bus from Greymouth to Hokitika. Standard fare is NZ$168 for the train, although you can sometimes get a $99 special in advance. Bus $10.
    Departs Christchurch train station 8:15am, arr: Greymouth 12:45, arr: Hokitika: 2:10pm.
  3. West Coast shuttle Afternoon service Christchurch to Kumara Junction or Greymouth, $53.
    Departs Christchurch (Riccarton Mall) 2:20, Christchurch airport 2:40, arr: Greymouth: 6:30pm.
    The disadvantage of this is that someone would have to drive up to either Kumara Junction or Greymouth to pick up passengers.

Passengers should be in touch with the ISS operator in advance to arrange pickup - preferably in Hokitika although in a limited number of cases we could pickup from Greymouth or Kumara Junction.