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UCAR Center for Science Education

The UCAR Center for Science Education offers a range of educational resources, programs, and events to support students and teachers. Learning resources include activities, curriculum modules, video clips, educational games, interactive simulations, and lots of web pages with background information on weather, climate, the atmosphere, Sun and space weather, computer modeling, and Earth system science. Click the links below to see some DC3 related activities.



Online Resources


DC3_Radar_booklet_Icon.pngRadar & Weather Together

Educational Resources

Pressure_icon.pngThe Highs and Lows of Air Pressure


Earth's Atmosphere

DC3_Cloud_Viewer_Icon.pngCloud Viewer (download pdf) how_clouds_form_icon.pngHow Clouds Form humidity_icon.pngHumidity
Virtual_ballooning.pngVirtual Ballooning to

Explore the Atmosphere
  Cloud_memory_game_icon.pngClouds Memory Game


NASA Resources

NASA_Weather_to_Fly_By.pngWeather to Fly By

Grades K-8
NASA_ClimateSystems.pngInvestigating the Climate System | Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System

Grades 5-8
NASA_logo_trans_bg.gifNASA | For Educators NASA_CloudPursuit.pngHead in the Clouds | The pursuit of shadows

Art & Science

MetEd Resources

UCAR's MetEd is a free collection of hundreds of training modules intended for the geoscience community. Whether you're an experienced meteorologist honing existing skills or a student looking for new topics of interest, MetEd has something for you. A free login is required for all of the modules.

radar_sever_signatures_thumb.jpgRadar Signatures for Severe Convective Weather radar_basics_thumb.jpgWeather Radar Fundamentals
cape.gifPrinciples of Convection I:

Buoyancy and CAPE
skywarn_convective_thumbnail.jpgSkywarn Spotter

Convective Basics

shear.gifPrinciples of Convection: Shear and Convective Storms


Severe Convection: Mesoscale Convective Systems

MetEd_mcs.gifMesoscale Convective Systems: Squall Lines and Bow Echos  


NOAA Resources

NOAA_O3_QA.gifDownload NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory's Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer, it's an exceptional addition to any and all Earth science curriculum.






Air. Planet. People.

An Introduction to NCAR

Careers in Atmospheric Science:

Field Research