Deep Convection 3 Instrumentation Test Project

04/30/2011 - 05/15/2011
Project Location
Jeffco, Broomfield, CO

The DC-3 Test Project is a short flight program designed to flight test all critical instruments in preparation for the Deep Convection 3 project that is going to take place in the summer of 2012.

The payload for DC-3 test will include also additional instruments on a space available basis. Currently, the payload allocation is as follows:

Standard instruments

Usual payload of state parameters, navigation, wind, cloud liquid water, icing rate, aircraft data system, satcom, etc.

Confirmed on wing pylons (2 pylons, 4 cans total; limited due to rapid transition from DC3 tests to HIPPO)

  • MTP
  • 2DC
  • CDP/2DC test of electric charging on wing probes (swap during project)

Confirmed cabin payload (subject to current knowledge and no instruments exceeding size, weight and overturning moment)

  • TOGA
  • P-CIMS
  • Mission Coordinator Station (test of radar transmission to aft cabin)
  • Picarro CO2
  • CN (high-altitude testing after modification)
  • NO/NO2
  • SMPS
  • CU-AMS (HAIS acceptance testing)
  • POA O3 (no additional rack space needed)

Questionable / TBD (subject to space and available time)

  • Cryogenic hygrometer
  • Radiometric thermometer
  • Electric hardened 2D-C + electrometer (look at work effort)

Not in payload

  • AVAPS (defer tests to when new release system is built)
  • Optical windows (likely not certified before DC3 tests; tied to HSRL)
  • Gust pod (not necessary, only small modification to be done to QC-hole diameter)
  • LAMS (likely test on C-130 in 3-beam mode in fall 2011 as part of IDEAS-IV)
  • HSRL (not enough space, delay until optical windows are available)
  • 3V-CPI (evaluate if previous data quality was OK, flying would require 6 wing pods)



Principal Investigators:

  • Jorgen Jensen NCAR/EOL/RAF

Project Manager:

  • Jorgen Jensen NCAR/EOL/RAF

Data Manager: