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VIDEO :: Thunderstorms Affect Air Pollution

9 July 2013



DC3_pho_173_NASA_sq.jpgWhen Wildfire Smoke and Thunderstorms Collide

11 July 2012

NASA Earth Obervatory

thunderstorm6_sq.jpgMit dem DLR in die Zukunft fliegen

18 June 2012



When Storms Roll In, University of Alabama in Huntsville Researchs Roll Out

10 June 2012


DSC00404.JPGScientists Track Pollution Spread By Thunderstorms

01 June 2012

The Denver Post - online
DC8_672px.jpgNASA's DC-8, NCAR G-V Continue Bumpy Thunderstorm Rides

1 June 2012

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Falcon_Messungen_16_9_l.jpgTo What Extent Do Thunderstorms Influence the Formation of Ozone

31 May 2012

DLR Portal
copy2_of_USA_Today_Climate_Culprit.pngScientists Suspect Thunderstorms As Climate Culprits

30 May 2012

USA Today.
dc3flight_aer_2012140.jpgPollution Thunderstorm Chasers on the Hunt

30 May 2012

Discovery News
dc3flight_aer_2012140.jpgThe Anatomy of a Thunderstorm

26 May 2012

NASA Earth Observatory
WichitaEagle_Lightning_sq.jpgSalina-based Planes Aid in Study of Thunderstorms, Ozone

26 May 2012

The Wichita Eagle - online
DC3_Cloud_AtmosNews_sq.jpgWeather Research Conducted in Tenessee Valley

24 May 2012

The News Courrier - online
DC3_Diagram_Simple_sq.jpgMajor New Project Targets Mystery of Thunderstorms

17 May 2012

Climate Central
nebraskatstormnsslsq.jpgNOAA, partners kick off multi-state study of how thunderstorms affect upper atmosphere

15 May 2012

DC3_GV_Interior_sq.jpgThunderstorm Study Based in Salina

12 May 2012

kwchphotosscientistconvergeinsalina2012_sq.jpgWeather Up Above

11 May 2012

KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
DC8_SalinaJournal_sq.jpgHold on to your hamburgers

10 May 2012

NASA_logo_trans_bg.gifNASA Researchers Fly Into Thunderstorms in the Name of Science

09 May 2012 

646873main_dc3preview1_sq.jpgDC3: Chemistry of Thunderstorms

08 May 2012

DC3schematicoverview_sq.pngThunderstorms and Climate Change: Seeking an Ozone Connection

08 May 2012

KUNC Radio
DC3_Cloud_AtmosNews_sq.jpgThunderstorms Could Be Ozone Factories

06 May 2012

Thunderstorm_lightning_sq.jpgScientists Launch Nationwide Study of Thunderstorm Effects on Upper Atmosphere

02 May 2012

R&D Magazine - onlne
lightning_NOAA_sq.jpgThunderstorm Effects on Upper Atmosphere, Study Is On

02 May 2012

Kansas City infoZine
DC3_Cloud_AtmosNews_sq.jpgThunderstorms and the Upper Atmosphere

02 May 2012

Environmental News Network
thunderstorm6_sq.jpgStudy of thunderstorm effects on upper atmosphere, climate

02 May 2012

DC3_Cloud_AtmosNews_sq.jpgScientists across US launch study of thunderstorm impacts on upper atmosphere

30 April 2012


DC3_DirkRichter_sq.jpgBoulder scientists gear up to chase thunderstorms

26 April 2012



Weather Scientists to Meet in Salina

22 December 2011