HIPPO Outreach

HIPPO Outreach

01/08/2009 - 09/09/2011

HIPPO Data News Release

EOL HIPPO Data Archive: www.eol.ucar.edu/projects/hippo

The Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) HIPPO data archive provides integrated measurement data products, component data and documentation as listed below. Note that files are in ASCII text format. 

  • A comprehensive merged product at 10-second resolution for all high-rate measurements (40 measurements of 26 unique species, not counting flask measurements)
  • Combined results from all discrete whole air sample and gas chromatograph measurements (77 unique species)
  • Pressure-weighted mean column concentration data -- total, 10 km and 100 m intervals
  • Photos, imagery, and movies from aircraft-mounted camera with time-synchronized navigation and state parameter data
  • Publications derived from HIPPO data, meeting agendas, and presentations
  • Investigator-provided quality-assured individual instrument data files
  • Supporting data sets (e.g. operational satellite, model output, global observations, etc.)
  • Ancillary flight information, field catalogs, data quality reports, software, and documentation
  • Pole-to-pole atmospheric cross-section plots of chemical species

Data products included are results from 90+ species from six categories, all with navigation and atmospheric structure data: 1) greenhouse gases and carbon cycle gases, 2) ozone and water vapor, 3) black carbon and aerosols, 4) CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs, 5) light hydrocarbons and PAN, and 6) sulfur gases and ocean-derived gases.

What is HIPPO?                                                             

The “HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) of Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases Study” measured cross sections of atmospheric concentrations approximately pole-to-pole, from the surface to the tropopause, five times during different seasons over a three year period. A comprehensive suite of atmospheric trace gases pertinent to understanding the Carbon Cycle was measured. The program provided the first comprehensive, global survey of atmospheric trace gases, covering the full troposphere in all seasons and multiple years.

Phase V Flight Plan



Principal Investigator:

  Steve Wofsy Harvard/SEAS

Project Manager:
  Pavel Romashkin NCAR/EOL/RAF

EOL Data Management: