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RETI 2011 : Climate Science Classroom Activity

Several climate science lesson plans were developed by science teachers involved with the Research Experience Teachers  Institute (RETI) program, sponsored by University of Northern Colorado and NCAR.

The HIPPO project was used as one base example of real climate science being conducted. Teachers incorporated the HIPPO project into their curriculum as a means for students to gain a better understanding of the scientific process, current research in climate science, and to connect the students with scientists in the field.

Explore the RETI 2011 climate science curriculum projects.


AGU Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop 2011

Using Scientific Field Campaigns to Learn About Climate Science

Presented by Alison Rockwell, Vidal Salazar, Becca Hatheway, and Sarah Bruemmer

This workshop provided information about how scientists use large scale field campaigns to collect data about the Earth's atmosphere in order to learn more about climate science. The hands-on activities allow teachers and students to analyze climate data sets and gain a better understanding of how climate models work.


Classroom Activities:

Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer : 2010 Update

Ozone QA Download NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory's Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer, it's a fabulous addition to any Earth science curriculum.