Test Flight #3

Science Summary:

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P3 Flight Log:

- NRL P3/ELDORA conducted a successful test flight with NOAA 43. The Iridium system worked nearly all flight except when the NRL P3 banked at 25 degree angle. Two turns at 15 and 22 degree did not affect the system. Two other dropouts occurred when NOAA 43 flew over NRL P3 at close range. Overall, the Iridium worked well. NRL P3 continuously received NOAA P3 images every 10 minutes throughout the 2 hour test flight with only one missing image. PIs and pilots were quite happy with this positive development. The scientist to scientist VHF radio was working but not ideal. The chat reconnection time seemed long (few minutes) after each dropout. Mike D. made some changes to the system to shorten the reconnection time. ELDORA still have some minor problems (drop beams occasionally) during the test flight. Eric is working on that. The only important component has not been tested is the transmission of LF data from NOAA 42 to ops center.

Flight Track:

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