Test Flight #1

Science Summary:

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P3 Flight Log:

- NRL P3 performed a test flight with NOAA P343 over the Gulf and over Florida. During this test flight, several goals were accomplished, namely, inter comparison pattern, aircraft to aircraft communications, chat, dropsonde release, ELDORA radar, and LF image transfer. The coordination between navigators worked very well. The Iridium satellite link on NRL P3 remained a problem. The dropouts were so frequent that smooth LF image transfer in real mission may be a problem. It is possible that interference between NOAA and NRL P3 caused the problem. We will test it out soon. NRL P3 did received two images manually created by Chris during the test flight. I was able to view the skew-T plot after the dropsonde data was released. ELDORA fore transmitter did not want to come up before takeoff. It behaved normal after takeoff. Eric will look into the fore transmitter issue this morning. There are still a few software issues need to be worked out.

Flight Track:

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