RF01: 8-27-05

Science Summary:

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P3 Flight Log:

- NRL P3 departed Pax River at 1316 UTC (9:16 am EDT) to join NOAA 43 to sample Hurricane Katrina. After 3 hours of ferry, NRL P3 arrived Key West and began a NW leg to sample an outer rainband. This mission was primarily directed by Ops center based on Key West WSR-88D. NOAA 43 was tasked by NHC for 15, 18 and 21Z center fixes. Both planes joined at 1630Z for a NE leg along a rainband. After one coordinated leg with NOAA 43, NRL P3 worked alone the rainband for two legs before it returned to Tampa at 21:39 UTC. Other than occasional Iridium dropouts, the image transfer worked very well. The rainband at the NE quadrant is primary stratiform with embedded convection. ELDORA in general performed well except for a period before 1820Z where velocity data were problematic. Most of the data during this period cannot be recovered. A total of 18 dropsondes were dropped on two legs. Data in general were good. Overall, this was a successful mission. Communications and image transfer were smooth.

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