Test Flight #2

Science Summary:

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P3 Flight Log:

- NRL P3 conducted a test flight today along with NOAA 43. The primary purpose was to test the LF data transfer from NOAA 43 to operation center to NRL P3. The irregularity in the Iridium satellite system might be caused by interference from the NOAA 43 altimeter. Therefore, it is intended to see whether this potential interference would persist should the two aircraft be separated by 40 km or greater to simulate a real RAINEX mission. The Iridium dropout continued after both P3s took off and maintained 40 km separation. The condition persisted even after NOAA 43 turned off their altimeter. NRL pilots offered to turn off several things to help out. After some discussions among EOL staff, it was suspected that the X-chat might be causing the dropout. It was confirmed that the Iridium dropped out few seconds after we turned on X-chat in five different times. Charlie Martin changed some parameters in the X-chat configuration file and solved the problem. Iridium and X-chat were stable for the second half of the flight. Two images were sent to NRL P3 from the ops center. There were still 2-3 dropouts during turns but that was expected. ELDORA and ADS all functioned normally. Aircraft to aircraft scientist communication was tested successfully.

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