NSF/NCAR HIAPER Investigator Handbook
Complete set of information on the NSF/NCAR HIAPER (GV) capabilities, interfaces and instrument integration
  • Chapter 1:Introduction, RAF points of contact. Requesting the aircraft, project support services, types of instrumentation available, engineering and operational support. General information, Dimensions, Cabin layout, Weight and balance, Cabin pressurization, Communications and navigation, Radars, TCAS, Altimeters, SATCOM.
  • Chapter 2: Basic GV specifications, general view, cabin layout, weight and balance, cabin pressurization, aircraft systems.
  • Chapters 3 and 4GV performance and flight planning guidelines: operating limits, speed, cruise altitude, runway requirements, range and endurance. Flight operations. Crew duty limitations, Operating policies for flight planning, Operating under adverse conditions, Maximum cloud reflectivity, Altitude restrictions, IFR, VFR, Use of oxygen, Fitness requirements, Safety training, Emergency procedures, Security.
  • Chapter 5: Research systems description: structural modifications, research power system, data acquisition system and display, satellite communications, ground support for computing and data management.
  • Chapter 6:Investigator equipment packages: structural considerations, Overturning moments, Maximum equipment weight, Pressurization system, Construction guidelines, MCE racks, Rack face mounted equipment, Wing stores, Exterior mounting locations, Certification, Electrical considerations, UPSs, Electric motors, Heaters. Date recording. Airflow modeling.
  • Chapters 7 and 8Feasibility and instrument integration procedures: instrument certification and approval, project lifecycle, pre-project reviews, EMI testing, new instrument development. instruments previously flown, project feasibility review process and flight test opportunities. Insurance, liability coverage, legal matters.
  • Appendices A-C: GV Intercom system; Medical Information for Airborne Research; Approved Wire and Non-Wire Materials (as of august 2012. Refer to the current list of approved materials for updated information).

Or, you can download the complete Investigator Handbook in PDF format (1.56 Mb).