Secondary Production of Ice in Cumulus Experiment

05/24/2021 - 06/25/2021
Project Location
RMMA Broomfield, CO (KBJC)

The Secondary Production of Ice in Cumulus Experiment (SPICULE) focused on airborne in situ and remote observations that provide intensive measurements of microphysical and dynamic parameters that may or may not support suspected Hallett-Mossop (HM) secondary ice process (SIP) in cumulus clouds. The PIs used two airborne platforms, the NSF/NCAR GV working subcloud and warm regions of cloud, and the SPEC Learjet model 35A working the supercooled region of a cloud. The NSF/NCAR GV was equipped with in situ microphysical probes, aerosol measurements of CCN, IFP and biological aerosols, air motion sensors and the Wyoming Cloud Radar. The SPEC Learjet was equipped with state-of-the-art in situ microphysical probes, air motion sensing, and a Ka-band up/down radar.


Principal Investigators
        Andy Heymsfield NCAR
        Paul Lawson SPEC
        Paul DeMott CSU

Project Manager
        Cory Wolff NCAR/EOL

Data Manager
        EOL Archive NCAR/EOL/DMS