Logistics Phase II

General plan:

The NCAR/NSF GV (HIAPER) will take off from RMMA, carrying the essential crew, instrumentation, minimal spares and tools and start its global survey by flying to Anchorage, AK. In Anchorage, the GV will (most likely) be based at a FAA FIFO (Flight Inspection Field Office), a secure fedaral facility. Access to the FIFO is by access card, which will be obtained by EOL in advance. We will most likely have only a few cards and will coordinate access to the building. Early support staff who will arrive in advance will receive their card at FIFO upon arrival.

In Hawaii the GV will most (most likely) be stationed at a commercial FBO, Air Service Hawaii. The FBO will provide transportation to and from hotel as necessary. Hotel charges (and this is a general rule for the entire project) will be paid by each individual, although EOL will make reservations for the entire crew.

In Christchurch we intend to coordinate support with the NSF OPP facility and will update this page when we have more information.

EOL will establish two locations for the GV support along the HIPPO Global flight track:

Anchorage (AK)

Logistic contacts

Shipping: Please send to:

Your Name - HIPPO  Attention to: Victor E. Flint


4610 Old International Airport Rd

Anchorage, Alaska  99502

Contact person in Anchorage:

Victor E. Flint

Anchorage Line Station Supervisor

FAA, AJW-3411B

Office (907) 271-2414

FAX  (907) 271-1563

HOTEL Reservations:

Please call:

The Hotel Captain Cook

Phone: 907-276-6000

Fax: 907-343-2211


HIPPO rate $99 +Tax - Group # is: 6703 - HIPPO Global

Chemicals, Gases, Dry Ice, etc:

Please contact:

Air Liquide

Please call 2 days in advance to reserve the supplies

You can pay on the spot with a credit card

The number to call 2 days in advance is: (907) 564 9737  ask to talk to Larry

If any problems, the main office is: (907) 562 2080

EOL Ground Support in Alaska

José Meitín


cell: (720) 352 0839

Christchurch (NZ)

For more details, please read the December 2008 Site Survey Report.


Shipments should be consigned "Freight Prepaid".                                                                                            Send an email with the Air Waybill number to CHC-CourierNotifications@usap.gov for easier tracking. IMPORTANT: send a copy of the shipping list and AWB to vidal@ucar.edu. PLEASE INCLUDE the HIPPO ROS number: 9304 for easier tracking with USAP. Also DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!

Use the following shipping address:

NSF HIPPO project (ROS 9304), G-V aircraft N677F
c/o Raytheon Polar Services (NZ) Limited

Gate 1, Orchard Road

Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch 8053

New Zealand

Tel: +64-3-358-8139

FAX: +64-3-358-1479

Contact person at USAP in Christchurch NZ:                                                                                                                                   Phil Ambler, CHCH Terminal Operations Manager     + 64 3 358 1470

HOTEL Reservations:

Crown Plaza

Christchurch, New Zealand

We are waiting for confirmation on the reservation block, stay tuned!                

Chemicals, Gases, Dry Ice, etc:

Please contact:


P.O. Box 11161

NZ-Sockburn, Christchurch, Canterbury 8042

phone:  0800 111333

Fax:       +64 3 3430463

Physical address:

21 Epsom Road

Sockburn, Canterbury 8042, New Zealand

Additional source for Chemicals, Gases, Dry Ice, etc:

Please contact:

Air Liquide

P.O. Box 16134


phone:  +64 3 3446033

Fax:       +64 3 349 4337


Physical address:

7 Canterbury Street

Hornby, Canterbury 8042, New Zealand

EOL Ground Support in Christchurch

Shelley Zucker  or   Vidal Salazar

zucker@ucar.edu    or     vidal@ucar.edu

vidal's cell   720 771 5018


Each of these locations will have an identified point of contact (POC) for shipping supplies; a contact for local vendors who can supply LN2 and dry ice; some provision for storage of supplies in anticipation of the arrival of the GV and a recommended hotel for staff. We will also try to arrange for some limited lab space, most likely to include table space and chairs.

It is recommended that support staff be sent to these locations to meet the aircraft and assist the onboard crew with instrument maintenance, or swap crew members for future flight legs.

Any major repairs to the instruments should only be planned at one of these locations.

EOL will attempt to locate hotels with the best possible internet connectivity. If this does not work at some locations, an alternative connection will be researched as well; it is not clear at this point what this connection will consist of.