HIPPO 2 People
The list of people below is not all inclusive. If you see an omission in your team, please E-mail Pavel and it will be corrected.

Scientific Team:

  • Steve Wofsy, Principal Investigator, Harvard University
  • Elliot Atlas, Whole Air Sampler, University of Miami
  • Bruce Daube, Mission Scientist / Instrumentation Engineer, Harvard University
  • Jasna Pittman, Roisin Commane, Bin Xiang, QCLS and CO2 instruments, Harvard University
  • Eric Kort, QCLS and CO2 instruments, Harvard University
  • James Elkins, Co-Investigator, NOAA
  • Fred Moore, PANTHER, NWAS and UCATS instruments, NOAA/CIRES
  • David Nance, Eric Hintsa, PANTHER, NWAS and UCATS instruments, NOAA/CIRES
  • Steve Montzka, Whole Air Sampler, NOAA
  • Britt Stephens, co-PI, Airborne Oxygen instrument and MEDUSA air sampler, NCAR
  • Ralph Keeling, co-PI, MEDUSA air sampler, Scripps
  • Jonathan Bent, MEDUSA and AO2 Instruments, SIO
  • David Fahey, Ru-Shan Gao, Ozone / SP2 instruments, NOAA
  • Shuka Schwarz, Ryan Spackman, Laurel Watts, Steve Ciciora, Anne Pering, Ozone and SP2 instruments, NOAA
  • Teresa Campos, CO instrument, NCAR
  • Mark Zondlo, VCSEL instrument, Princeton University

Operations / Project Team:

  • Henry Boynton, Chief Pilot, NCAR RAF
  • Steve Thompson, Pilot, NCAR RAF
  • Al Cooper, HIAPER Chief Scientist, NCAR RAF
  • Brent Kidd, GV Chief of Maintenance, NCAR RAF
  • Robert Beasley, GV Mechanic, NCAR RAF
  • Mark Lord, Structural DER, Aeronautical Engineer, NCAR RAF
  • Kurt Zrubek, Electrical Systems DER, Head of Instrumentation Group, NCAR RAF
  • John Cowan, Senior Technician, NCAR RAF
  • Greg Bruning, Technician, NCAR RAF
  • Bill Irwin, Technician, Inlet Specialist, NCAR RAF
  • Pavel Romashkin, Project Manager - Aircraft Operations Support, NCAR RAF
  • Vidal Salazar, Project Manager - Ground-based Field Support, NCAR PMO
  • Jim Moore, Project Manager - Global Campaign Coordination and Communication Center, NCAR PMO
  • Greg Stossmeister, Field Catalog Support, EOL CDS
  • Chris Webster, Tom Baltzer, Software Engineering, NCAR CDS