Aerosol Data
Instructions on accessing aerosol data in the GV files


Particle data

The standard netCDF GV data files that are archived for the project contain both concentration and particle size distribution information from the RAF UHSAS probe (and from CDP and 2D-C, when flown). The probe as operated on HIPPO-1 and HIPPO-2 was not being initialized properly, which caused incorrect mapping of gain stages. This forced RAF to average across 5 bins for the two gain stage overlaps for HIPPO-1. For HIPPO-2 the solution is TBD as the gain stage problem has apparently become worse; further data QC will be conducted.

In order to view concentration data in .nc files, Aeros or any other software capable of viewing time series data in netCDF files can be used.

In order to view size distribution data in .nc files, ncpp should be used. The program will allow to select any or all of the particle probes available in the file and view the data either as particle size distribution or as raw counts:

2D image data

On some HIPPO deployments (HIPPO-2 was first), 2D-C probe was flown. This probe produces both calculated size distributions and 2D images. To acces images, 2D data have to be extracted from the raw data files and provided as a separate data product. To view the images, use xpms2d software available from the EOL download center. Example of the images is below.

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