HIPPO II: Flight 03 - Anchorage, AK to Kona, HI
November 4, 2009

The NSF/NCAR GV flew from Anchorage, AK to Kona, HI traveling just over 2,400 NM (Nautical Miles) in 7 hours and 48 minutes, performing 8 dips.

In the image above, you can see the flight profile and the 8 dips during the flight. The GV usually travels to about 45,000' just after take off and before landing, the remaining time is spent profiling between 1000' and 28,000'.

You can follow the NSF/NCAR GV and get these same wonderful images (above), whenever it is in flight by opening this file in Google Earth and check the desired checkbox (live_flight_tracking.kml). You do however, need to have Google Earth installed on your computer

Video: RF03 Forward Looking Camera