GV Payload

This is the final floor plan (link to PDF version here).

The payload and aircraft ops require the following staff to be onboard:

  • 1 for SP2-Ozone
  • 1 for PANTHER, UCATS and NWAS
  • 2 for QCLS, one of these is also mission scientist
  • 1 for O2, MEDUSA
  • 1 RAF mechanic
  • 1 ADS technician / safety officer
  • 1 RAF project manager


8 total seats in the back.

Wing stores: The project will fly with 4 PMS instruments: RWI: MTP; RWO: UHSAS; LWI: CDP; LWO: Nothing (2D-C was removed from the project due to a problem with probe interface that compromised data quality).