Future Considerations

Suggestions for future HIPPO missions

Flight Planning and GV Operations (B. Stephens)

  • We should consider flying further north and/or dipping one more time on next loop since leftover fuel reserve seems to should have allowed this.
  • We should consider doing an approach into Cold Bay (CBA) on the ANC-HNL leg as this will greatly help interpret CBA O2 measurements and will fill in a low-alt gap that resulted from flying high over CBA and then trying to get clearance down
  • The FTS comparison at Lauder would be greatly improved (47 kft instead of 28 kft max alt) if we were able to profile over the site on the way in from Samoa.  This is a short leg, so flight hours should not be a problem.
  • Need to brainstorm ways to get high over the equator.  Would landing at Christmas Island help?
  • Would adding equipment to GV for automated position reporting aid in getting high over equator and other places?

MEDUSA Rack (B. Stephens)

  • We need clear guidance on when (every pre and post flight and maintenance morning and afternoon?) and where (GV wt. and balance sheet, Rack wt. and balance sheet, Rack discrepancy sheet) we should record the daily MEDUSA flask swapping and splinter shield removal in the rack books – ask that Mark L. and mechs/techs make a decision and then communicate to us what it is.
  • It would be great to get the spare AO2 cylinder back in the MEDUSA rack (would clear up a lot of floor space for in flight baggage tie down) but I don’t have any good ideas on how to do so.  Perhaps we should consider fully loading and reweighing the rack a month or two before the next loop, just to check that we didn’t get lucky and lose a few pounds since weighing all the parts individually last time.  How ridiculous would it be to try to measure the moment of the loaded rack?  Are there any plans for rack or bracket modifications that would allow higher moments?

Ground Support (B. Stephens)

  • Help with buying dry ice and taking boxes to FedEx was a big help, though we didn’t take advantage of it at all sites because it wasn’t clear whose responsibility it was.  I support Vidal’s suggestion to make this an PMO contribution.
  • If the ground support person can check that all boxes have arrived as soon as possible after getting to a location this would be much better than waiting for the onboard scientist to check after the GV arrives (Note: this is already being done).
  • Staying closer to the airport (not in Waikiki) in HNL would help the science team by reducing commute time (though perhaps some of the crew not needed at the GV on maintenance day would prefer to be by the beach Note: alternate location is being considered for HIPPO-2).

AEROS (B. Stephens)

  • It would be great is some of the “known” bugs were addressed
  • Would like a way to plot Global 1 flask sampling locations in AEROS for onboard reference during Global 2