Debrief Summary

The debrief took place on 2/27/2009 with participation from the NSF, NCAR and NOAA collaborators.

HIPPO-1 has been a resounding success. Operations and logistical support proved adequate and effective, and all mission goals were accomplished.

EOL groups that provided support for HIPPO-1 presented reports on the project. You can view the RAF GV Aircraft Operations report and PMO Logistics and Ground Support report.

In addition, items for discussion and future considerations were brought up.

Summary Comments, Action Items and other Details

General Comments

  • Excellent Mission
  • Excellent datasets
  • Recommendation is to convene HIPPO PIs to discuss HIPPO Phase 1 follow-up issues and planning for the HIPPO-2 mission this fall at the upcoming START08 meeting.
  • Follow-up meeting to address details raised in the discussions
  • We must work with NSF to improve timing of the diplomatic clearance process

Flight operations

  • Aircraft clearances flight plan changes-- some FIRS need 30-120 days for approval. ATC coordination needs to begin as soon as decisions on next deployment route of flight is finalized.
  • Extra days needed at major depots for added work---one at each major depot (3 days added to full deployment).
  • INMARSAT satellite coverage was not a complete as expected causing dropouts approaching north and south poles.
  • It is worthwhile to put a message on Googlearth display when aircraft looses satellite link noting a communications issue.  This is to avoid user interpretation as an aircraft problem.
  • Adding iIidium backup to INMARSAT is not planned for at this time as it requires major software changes.
  • Icing on the aircraft is much more than originally estimated.
  • Too much stuff in the cabin.  The amount of material carried on board will have to be reduced for safety and efficiency sake. Over crowding resulted in inadvertent shutdown of the data acquisition computer.
  • Communications are key  and redundant communications capabilities are very important.
  • Training for EOL staff on communications procedures and protocols before next deployment is recommended.
  • Discussion on amount and type of weather info provided for flight planning.
  • Hard and soft down days-- exceeding crew duty day limits.  Suggestion was to bring this before the RAF safety committee for detailed discussion.
  • Any payload changes for HIPPO-2 must be let known to RAF by 11 August 2009.
  • Vertical profiling over central America and Mexico is simply not possible.

Data Management

  • Use of catalog (quick look data) plus other catalog issues-- products, size, etc.
  • Training on use of alternate comms methods such as VPN, FTP etc.  A strong recommendation to conduct a training course by CDS for all project participants in the use of various communication methods, especially from international destinations.
  • Discuss the size of weather/chemical model/ satellite products for easy upload to the aircraft and or remote location.
  • Work out arrangements to transfer quick look products to the catalog for password protected access.


  • There are discrepancies in ozone measurements that are being examined at this time.
  • Extra work requirements for certain instrument systems  MEDUSA/AO2, too much responsibility for 1 person.
  • Dewpointers are affected by icing, resulting in overshooting in ascent or descent profiles.
  • Major instrumentation changes for HIPPO-2 will require a new series of design reviews, electronic interference tests and check flights.

Ground support

  • Ground support at 3 main depots is necessary and aided efficient resupply and required instrument servicing
  • Ground support from PMO at 3 major Alaska, New Zealand, Costa Rica) locations will be helpful on all deployments
  • Shipping procedures must be followed or equipment will be delayed and fines may result

Education and Outreach

  • Outreach web site for the project-- Cooper/Brigitte B. follow-up with Wofsy with a proposal Windows project in UCAR--Hosansky in media--
  • Outreach on site- requires some advance planning with the specific locations-- what works for us-- we are a science mission and can handle a tour at this time, day, etc.
  • Update EOL website with HIPPO photographs