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This table lists the EOL software packages. Click on the package name for information and downloads.

Software Domain Software Name Application
Aircraft 3V-CPI / 2DS

3V-CPI and 2DS data translator.

Aircraft acTrack2kml

Flight track KML generator.

Aircraft caledit

Calibration transfer and editing tool.

Aircraft Camera Capture and Processing

Aircraft camera capture, recording, and processing.

Aircraft config_editor

NIDAS XML config file editor.

Aircraft Conversions: Aircraft Data

Field project data conversions.

Aircraft g2n

Convert RAF GENPRO-II files to netCDF using the RAF conventions. (Converts but has software compatibilty issues (re other RAF display programs)…

Aircraft genpro2nc

Convert RAF GENPRO-I files to netCDF using the RAF conventions. Documentation for using this software is contained within the GitHub repository.…

Aircraft libncaru

Cray COS blocking/unblocking format library.

Aircraft libraf

C and C++ building block functions.

Aircraft Mission Coordinator

Aircraft real-time situational awareness display.

Aircraft ncplot

Post flight viewing of processed aircraft netCDF time-series data files.

Aircraft ncpp

Post flight viewing of processed aircraft netCDF time-series data files. Specifically for histogram and size-distribution data.

Aircraft ncstat

This script will return statistics on a netCDF file.

Aircraft Netcdf Data Tools

NetCDF file manipulation utilities: ASCII <--> netCDF file translators, ncmerge, ncav ncextr, ncReorder.

Aircraft Netcdf Display Tools

ncplot and ncpp: Post-flight plotting program for aircraft data in RAF standard netcdf files. Includes time-series, XY (and regressions), track…

Aircraft Nimbus

Aircraft data derivation and quality-control processing. NIMBUS is the workhorse of aircraft data integrity and computation. It runs in real-time…

Aircraft process2d

OAP (2D) data processor. (Process 2D image and produce quantitative data.)

Aircraft Real-time Ground

Real-time receiver of aircraft data feed. eol-rt-data code.

Aircraft RIC

Secure communication infrastructure for remote instrument control and monitoring over low bandwidth links.

Aircraft SID2H
Aircraft WARDS

Nose weather radar display and data capture.

Aircraft xpms2d

Display program for 2d images from the PMS2D and other OAP probes.

Data Acquisition DTS

The Data Tracking System (DTS) was created to track and maintain data set metadata and data processing throughout the entire life cycle of the…

Data Acquisition DTS: Data Loading Notes (DLN)

Track and maintain the loading of data sets into the EMDAC database.

Data Acquisition DTS: IVEN

Track and maintain the information for data sets that were/are processed by the DMG.

Data Acquisition eventlog

BEST shipboard event history.

Data Acquisition Geostationary meteorological satellite ingest and display software

This is a set of scripts that works with commercial packages Terascan and McIDAS to access, ingest, process, archive and generate products from…

Data Acquisition Ingest: Automated

Perl scripts run from crontab

Data Acquisition ISFS Cockpit

Real-time Display

Data Acquisition MetaArch

MetaArch, the Metadata Archival Tool, is a DMS web-app that enables data providers to submit data set metadata and associated files in an all-in-…

Data Acquisition NIDAS

In-situ data acquisition, recording, processing, instrument control.

Data Acquisition QCODIAC

A web based view of the metadata in the EMDAC database.

Data Acquisition SD3C

FPGA firmware and Linux software for pulsed system timing, control, data acquisition and signal processing.

Flux ISFS Low Rate Data Download

Java web application supporting download of low-rate data in NetCDF or ASCII form.

LROSE (Radar/Lidar) Lidar Radar Open Software Environment (LROSE)

Open source software for the creation, processing, and display of radar and lidar data at all stages.

Sounding AGS

AVAPS Ground System provides the networked control interface for the AVAPS system. It is used for NASA Global Hawk and NCAR GV deployments.

Sounding Aspen

Visualization and quality control of upsonde and dropsonde radiosonde soundings. Command line, batch and GUI based interfaces are available. For…

Sounding autoQC

Automated Sounding Quality Control Tool

Sounding AVAPS

Airborne Vertical Atmospheric Profiling System

Sounding Conversions: Upper Air Data

Field project data conversions. These s/w packages are used to convert various incoming data formats to the EOL ESC sounding format.

Sounding DBS POP

Profiler Operating Program for Vaisala DBS

Sounding Driftsonde Gondola

Linux applications and Python scripts to monitor gondola, launch sondes, collect data and communicate with ground control s/w

Sounding Driftsonde Web

Web infrastructure: Ruby/Rails, database and backend Python scripts to communicate w gondola

Sounding Ingest: NPN Profiler & RASS

Software for updating and archiving new daily profiler station data from the LDM data directory (profiler,rass). The script checks for new files…

Sounding ISFS High Rate Data Application

Java app for remote users to create high rate ISFS datasets

Sounding ISS

Ingestors, system scripts, data management, data conversion, and plotting for Integrated Sounding System

Sounding MAPR

Radar control and data recording for spaced-antenna profilers

Sounding NIMA

Improved identification of profiler moments

Sounding Profiler
Sounding Sounding Group S-Plus Software

Includes utilities to plot groups of soundings

Sounding SUDS

(S)ystem for (U)ser-editing and (D)isplay of (S)oundings. SUDS allows for display and editing of sounding data, and provides some basic analysis…

Sounding XQC Sounding Quality Control Tool

The XQC Sounding Quality Control Tool is used to visualize, assess and quality control (QC) data from radiosondes, dropsondes, and driftsondes…

Surface Conversions: Flux Data

Field project data conversions.

Surface Conversions: Hydrology Data

Field project data conversions.

Surface Conversions: Subsurface Data

Field project data conversions.

Surface Conversions: Surface Data

Field project data conversions. These s/w packages are used to convert various incoming data formats to the EOL QCF surface format.

Surface Conversions: Tower Data

Field project data conversions.

Surface Horizontal Quality Control (HQC) - Surface Data QA Tool

This is the Horizontal Quality Control tool. This software tool is used to perform qualtiy assurance on surface data (i.e., pressure, temperature…

Surface Ingest: HPCN

Software for tracking, updating, and archiving new monthly station meteorological data from the HPCN ingest directory. The script checks the three…

Surface Ingest: NCEP/EMC Precipitation

Run manually monthly using a Java program wrapped in ANT. See documentation.

Surface ISFS Analysis Software

ISFS Data Analysis, QC, Derivation, Plotting

Utility BSpline C++ Template Library

A C++ template library for computing cubic b-splines with a derivative constraint, useful for smoothing dropsonde and upsonde data. The source is…

Utility Catalog Maps

This tool allows users to overlay image products and kmls in a GIS interface for real-time decision-making in a field campaign or for playback and…

Utility Catalog Nagios

This application monitors incoming data stream and various system resources to alert field catalog support staff to potential problems with Field…

Utility CODIAC

CODIAC is the web interface to EOL Data Holdings. This application allows users to view project and dataset metadata and order datasets for…

Utility EMDAC

The EOL Metadata Database and Cyberinfrastructure (EMDAC) is a comprehensive metadata database and integrated cyberinfrastructure that will be the…

Utility eol_scons

Extensions to SCons for building EOL software

Utility faesr tool

This application allows users to browse through instruments available for research from a variety of institutions and universities, or subscribe…

Utility Jedi

Legacy webapp providing THREDDS metadata to UCAR & external data partners.

Utility Master List Editor (ML)

This web-based tool is used to edit the project Master Lists database. A Master List is the public (data ordering) view for a field project's…

Utility QMicroMap

Qt based component for embedded map presentations.

Utility Satellite Mass Store Query Tool

This tool provided a web interface to our GOES satellite archive holdings on the NCAR HPSS System. A full and ongoing archive of all imager data…

Utility Zinc Metadata Editor

This application is a metadata entry and editing tool for EOL data managers.

Visualization Aeros

The Airborne Environmental Research Observation System (AEROS), is a visualization package for real-time and post-deployment of aircraft…

Visualization cpiDisplay

Display program for CPI data.

Visualization Field Catalog

This suite of tools provides support for the documentation of project operations, mission planning, cross-project collaboration, real-time…

Visualization Field Catalog Product Generation Software

This collection of scripts generates or obtains image products on regular basis and pushes them to the Field Catalog for field campaign support…

Visualization FLUENT
Visualization ISF R Software for Analysis of Time-Series

Local packages for R, which provide access, analysis and visualization of time series and spectra. Supports access to ISFS NetCDF data, and…

Visualization Mapserver

This application provides a GIS navigational interface to data collected at various sites. It has mostly been used to display Arctic data, but any…

Visualization ncharts

A web application for display of time series in browsers.

Visualization QtToolbox

Qt C++ based visualization components which can be integrated into other displays.

Visualization Ranadu: An R Package for NCAR-Aircraft Data Files

Facilitates the use of NCAR research aircraft data in netCDF format.

Visualization STAR-CD