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Research Aviation Facility (RAF)
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Secure communication infrastructure for remote instrument control and monitoring over low bandwidth links.
Critical Infrastructure
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Revision History

The changes that are visible to users are given in the following table. Changes that are made for software maintenance and obscure bug fixes are not listed here (the complete history is maintained in EOL's software revision system).

Date Revision Details
14 Mar 2021 1.0-145 Ported to Qt5, Windows10, Catalina, and RHEL/CentOS 8.
31 Jan 2017 1.0-1 Moved RIC repository to Git (hence new Revision numbering), ported RIC from eol-rt-data to it's own RHEL 7 virtual machine (eol-ric).
18 Dec 2013 7009 Additions to the Proxy User Guide.
12 Dec 2013 7008

Rework the Proxy user interface, add message counters, and make it a little smaller so that it fits on smaller notebooks. Fix the decoding of large messages. Instrument and user datagrams are limited to about 8000 characters.

06 Dec 2013 6994

Prevent an existing Proxy.ini from being overwritten during an install. Add the User Guide to the Help menu. Display the proxy ID.

02 Dec 2013 6983 Add a SAMPLEINST configuration and default certificcates which will allow the proxy to at least start (but not connect) after initial installation.
01 Dec 2013 6977 Set the default configuration values to the most commonly used values, to minimize the editing requied after installation.
29 Nov 2013 6974 Completely refactored the configuration scheme. Improved error message and status logging.



Version 1.0-145 Mar 14, 2021

Windows 10 OSX 10.15 (Catalina) CentOS 8

Version 1.0-1 Jan 31, 2017

Windows 7 OSX 10.12 (Sierra) CentOS 7