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Research Aviation Facility (RAF)
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A visualization package for real-time and post-deployment of aircraft observations.
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Revision History

The changes that are visible to users are given in the following table. The changes that are made for software maintenance and minor bug fixes are not listed here, although they are tracked in the EOL software revision control system. 

Date Revision Details
April 3, 2017 1.0-45
  • Updates to histogram functionality
August08, 2016 1.0-31
  • On Connect IWG1, ask user for subnet. NASA aircraft do not use the same subnet as RAF.
July13, 2016 1.0-29
  • We have moved from Subversion to git.  Version numbering has been reset.
  • This rev fixes a bug with University of Wymoing netCDF files that was introduced in January of 2015.
June24,2015 5140
  • Added Page Fwd and Page Bkd (fn-upArrow and fn-downArrow on OSX) to scroll through data.
June15,2015 5137
  • Fixed the broken OSX distribution, so that Aeros will run on all Mac hardware.
  • Track plot is more flexible in the variable names that it wil use for plotting.
  • Behind-the-scene changes to datastore handling of the time dimentsion.
May12,2015 5122
  • Configuration storing/restoring has been improved. Other behind-the-scenes software maintenance.
Jan21,2015 5079
  • Fixed missing library in the W7 distribution.
Jan13,2015 5076
  • Beta: Trackplot has been refactored with new components, and a slight change to the user interface. Limited testing has been successful, but please report any bugs that you discover.
Jan03,2014 5035
  • Build for Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). Track plot is temporarily disabled in the Mavericks version only.
Dec06,2013 5029
  • FIxed missing libraries in the Windows distribution.
Nov18,2013 5027
  • The built-in help manual was redesigned. No support for Windows XP after this version.
  • End of support for OSX 10.7 (Lion)



Originally developed as part of the NCAR Gulfstream V aircraft project. Aeros was designed to replace WINDS and ncplot, ncpp and xpms2d.


New features will eventually be added in order to replace some of the netcdf display tools.

Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) from University of Hawaii is used for the Geo-Political boundaries.  Redhat users can use yum to install GMT (e.g. yum install GMT "GMT-coastlines*").  Make sure to set environment variable GMT_SHAREDIR=/usr/share/GMT .

OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) & 10.10 (Yosemite)
Version Number Download File
V1.0-44 File Aeros-V1.0-44.dmg
V1.0-30 File Aeros-V1.0-30.dmg
V1.0-29 File Aeros-V1.0-29.dmg
5140 File Aeros-5140.dmg
5137 File Aeros-5137.dmg
5122 File Aeros-5122.dmg
5076 File Aeros-5076.dmg
OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)
Version Number Download File
5035 File Aeros-5035.dmg
OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
Version Number Download File
5035 File Aeros-5035.dmg
5027 File Aeros-5027.dmg
OSX 10.7 (Lion)
Version Number Download File
4958 File Aeros-4958.dmg
OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)
Version Number Download File
1.0-29 File Aeros-V1.0-29.dmg
Version Number Download File
4928 Binary Data aeros-4928.rhel6_.tar.gz
Version Number Download File
4898 Binary Data Aeros-4898.bin
4848 Binary Data aeros-4848.rhel5_.tar.gz
4722 Binary Data Aeros-4722.bin