Ranadu: An R Package for NCAR-Aircraft Data Files

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Research Aviation Facility (RAF)
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Active & Maintained
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Facilitates the use of NCAR research aircraft data in netCDF format.
Active & Maintained
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Ongoing enhancements


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R is a computer language for statistical and graphical data analysis.

The emphasis here is on “Ranadu”, an R package that is intended to facilitate use of the data archives produced by the data systems on the NSF/NCAR/EOL/RAF research aircraft. All the recent data files are in netCDF format, so that is the format emphasized here. Those files contain measurements made in field campaigns that use the NSF research aircraft operated by NCAR, presently consisting of a C-130 and a Gulfstream V.

A list of recent projects is available at this EOL web page, and data requests can be made via links on that page. Information regarding the instruments and the processing algorithms are available here: https://github.com/NCAR/aircraft_ProcessingAlgorithms/blob/master/ProcessingAlgorithms.pdf

The latter also provides references to the netCDF format, the variable names in common use, and algorithms used to calculate the variables in the data files. 

Ranadu Package



Installing R and Required Software (https://www.eol.ucar.edu/content/installing-and-using-r)