The following document represents the working version of the VOCALS-REx Field Operations Plan and describes the daily operations procedures that must be carried out to gather the data as specified in the VOCALS-REx Scientific Plan Overview.

Chapter 1. VOCALS-REx Operations Overview

  • Introduction to the VOCALS Regional Experiment (REx)
  • Scientific Objectives
  • VOCALS-REx Study Area
  • VOCALS-REx Participating Facilities and Resources
  • VOCALS-REx Field Schedule and Timeline


Chapter 2. VOCALS-REx Operations Centers

  • Arica Operations Center
  • Iquique Operations Center
  • Arica Operations Center Staff and Functions


Chapter 3. VOCALS REx Mission Planning and Implementation

  • VOCALS Science Team
  • Daily Planning Process
  • Mission Implementation Process
  • VOCALS Communications Plan


Chapter 4.  VOCALS-REx Aircraft Operations

  • Aircraft specifications, instrumentation, and operational guidelines
  • Aircraft Operational Bases
  • Aircraft Flight Plans incl. multiple aircraft coordination and intercomparison flights


Chapter 5. VOCALS-REx Soundings Operations

  • NCAR GAUS System at Iquique
  • NCAR GAUS System on R/V José Olaya
  • Paposo Landsite
  • Antofagasta National Weather Service Station
  • R/V Ron Brown


Chapter 6.    VOCALS-REx Ship Operations

  • Research vessel specification and instrumentation
  • RV Ron Brown Cruise Plan


Chapter 7. VOCALS Data and Information Management

  • Data Management Timeline
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Data Archive and Access
  • Special field data products


Chapter 8.  Education and Outreach

  • Activities
  • Windows to the Universe
  • EOL Field Tracks