P+A Maintenance

RAF Daily Activity Sheet

Project Name: VOCALS Date: 2008/10/17
Aircraft: C-130
Flight Hour Allocation: 120
Location: Arica, Chile 2008/10/15
- 2008/11/15
PI: Wood et al PM:

Allen Schanot

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Data Summary:  
Data Start Time
Data End Time

IRU Performance: IRU Serial #: 176
Departure Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Time in Nav:
Destination Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 1: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 2: LAT: LON:
Time Off:

LAT Error LON Error Nav Time THDG Dest. LAT ERROR

Technician Notes:

Project Manager Notes:

10/16/08 HARD DOWN

maintenance Day P+A 0800-1600. Will replace PLWCC1 element + check PMS mirrors. Fixing Nimbus bugs tied to PMS probes. Added conversion of XUVI.

Access time on C-130 extended due to network mirage - Data from rf01 posted to local archive special run for SAM.

ongoing question in FSSP - minor adjustment to layer size bins to increase diameter (16-30) Sharp drop off in particle unts between #7 & #8 leads to question of probe function - FSSP liquid water low in comparison with other sensors + DBARF also looking low. Will persue with Rogers + Irwin.