Mobile 449 MHz Wind Profiler

The Mobile 449 is a development of a truck or trailer mounted 449 MHz radar wind profiler.   The design goals of the new system are to have similar height coverage as the current MISS (Mobile ISS) 915-MHz profiler,  but provide more rapid winds through its spaced-antenna configuration, and have greater mobility and flexibility for deployment. It is envisioned that the system will be deployed using different transport platforms depending on the needs of a field project. For example, for greatest mobility it could be deployed in the bed of a full-size pickup truck (pictured below) for storm chase operations, or on the current MISS trailer when extra instruments or lab space are required, or it can be fitted on a small trailer sized to fit into a standard sea-container for deployment overseas. 

The Mobile 449 wind profiler can be mounted on a trailer or on a truck


The system consists of a complete radar wind profiler mounted on a frame that can be fork lifted onto the appropriate vehicle or trailer.  The wind profiler is based on our 449 MHz Modular Wind Profiler, although will use a single antenna module divided into three receiving chains.  The multiple receiver chains enables Spaced Antenna winds techniques to be used, which provides rapid wind measurements on time scales of 1 - 5 minutes (as compared with 10 - 30 minutes with traditional DBS wind profilers).  Initial construction has been completed and the system is currently undergoing tests at NCAR.  Refinements are underway including development of a new data system based on Zynq FPGA DSP cards and improvements to the power amplifier and RF chain. 

For more information contact Bill Brown in EOL / ISF