RAF Daily Activity Sheet

Project Name: VOCALS Date: 2008/10/26
Aircraft: C-130    Test:    Ferry: Flight Hour Allocation: 120
Location: Arica, Chile 2008/10/15 - 2008/11/15
PI: Wood et al PM: Allen Schanot

Research Flight #: Flight Hrs: Project Total:

Data Summary: 
Data Start Time : UTC Data End Time : UTC

IRU Performance: IRU Serial #: 176
Departure Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Time in Nav: : UTC    
Destination Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 1: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 2: LAT: LON:
Time Off: : UTC    

LAT Error LON Error Nav Time THDG Dest. LAT ERROR

Technician Notes:

Power + Access 0200-1000 / limited hse participation. Cal'ed CDP after optics cleaning interior very dirty on laser side. DPB has burned out chip on board. Routine cleaning of XUVI, temps, etc. Switched GPS back to GARMIN!

Project Manager Notes:

CDP post cal

head size water size bin
10 8.9 7
20 16.1 14-15
30 24.4 18
40 32.5 21
pollen 18-19 - ???
pollen 23 ( -15)

Down stream leaks in CN plumbing was limiting flow

variation in FCN causing the odd values in FCNC special processing used on RF01-RF04. Revert to std processing RF05 ->