RAF Daily Activity Sheet

Project Name: VOCALS Date: 2008/10/22
Aircraft: C-130    Test:    Ferry: Flight Hour Allocation: 120
Location: Arica, Chile 2008/10/15 - 2008/11/15
PI: Wood et al PM: Allen Schanot

Research Flight #: Flight Hrs: Project Total:

Data Summary: 
Data Start Time : UTC Data End Time : UTC

IRU Performance: IRU Serial #: 176
Departure Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Time in Nav: : UTC    
Destination Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 1: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 2: LAT: LON:
Time Off: : UTC    

LAT Error LON Error Nav Time THDG Dest. LAT ERROR

Technician Notes:

CN example 1849-1944

Project Manager Notes:

Working with UWyo + UH on CN differences. Made software zero offset adjustments to XUCN, XWCN10 + XWCN25. Fixed previous shared files. switched s200-defaults to Wyoming #'s from preproject intercomparison.

Work with UEyo + French on spp100 + spp200 issues. Question performance of sample locator on spp-200? and window heater in CDP.

Inserted cal coef for alternate PVM-100 variables.

XGSFC 0/29D0

XGREFF              - XGRFF