NCAR / EOL deployed two Integrated Sounding Systems (ISS) for the DYNAMO field campaign in the Indian Ocean. The two ISS were deployed on the island on Diego Garcia and on-board the R/V Revelle in the central Indian Ocean from October 2011 to early 2012, along with much other instrumentation from many other groups. The ISS used wind profiler radars, radiosonde soundings, and other instrumentation to provide near continuous profiles of atmospheric motion and thermodynamics at two corners of a sounding array.

Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Terroritory)

7° 18.8' S, 72° 25.6' E

 Radar Wind Profiler  Vaisala 915 MHz LAP3000 with RASS
 Ceilometer  Vaisala CL31
 Soundings  Vaisala RS92 (700 soundings)
 Surface met  10m met mast with winds, temperature, relative humidity,

GPS water vapor, AllSky camera, pecip




RV Revelle (Scripps Oceanigraphic Institute)

 Radar Wind Profiler  Vaisala 915 MHz LAP3000 on stabilized platform
 Soundings  Vaisala RS92 (650 soundings)
 Surface met  WXT, SPN1 pyranometer, web camera


Map with key locations for the DYNAMO campaign and approx cruise track of RV Revelle.  The cruise began in Darwin, Austrlia, visited the Coco Keeling Is, mainly sat at the northeast corner of the DYNAMO array (on the equator at approx 80.5°E) with port visits to Phuket, Thailand, then finally cruised to Durban, South Africa.